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Zayn Malik workout routine, Diet Plan, Height, Weight (2022)

Zayn Malik

Zain Javadd Malik is a British singer and songwriter who is entirely known for his participation in the reality showing X-Factor as a solo performer and later as a member of the band, One Direction. He was born on 12th January 1993, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. As of 2021, he is 28 years old including 5 feet 9 inches tall in height. He confirmed a recording deal with RCA records in 2015 and also worked Under the psycho label. He is one of the foremost singers in England and has nurtured a heavy fan base.

Zayn Malik was born into an Islamic but he has a multiracial family. He refers to a working-class family in east bowling, England. He is of English origin. His father’s name is Yaser Malik as he is a  British Pakistani. Zayn’s father had a big compilation of music albums from various genres and that greatly helped Zayn in getting a taste of various kinds of music. His mother’s name is Trisha Malik as she has English and Irish roots.

Zayn Malik is a young boy with a sweet personality. He has got a sculpted body. He does not classify himself as a Muslim anymore but is grateful for all that his belief has taught him in the past. Zayn believed that One Direction’s music was too universal for his taste.

Zayn Malik Body Measurement

Zayn Malik would not qualify to be on the list of the shortest stardom neither would he qualify to be on one for the tallest celebrities, he is somewhere in the middle. Just by looking at him would let you understand that he takes good care of his body and it is not only for the ladies but also for himself. His weight has been pretty steady since he first walked into the Hollywood scene.

Age28 years
Bicep13.5 inch
Eye ColorHazel Brown
Hair ColorBrown

Zayn Malik Workout Routine

The workout routine of Zayn Malik has not got refreshed since the time of 1D. Zayn Malik also had informed about his workout then he decided to talk about his eating disorders and life in his book called Zayn. So in that book, there are lots of mysteries that he has revealed, and one of them was his eating disorders.

The eating disorder of Zayn malik made him not eat anything for three days sometimes. He has that since the time Zayn Malik was in 1D after a while when he left and composed his book in 2016., Zayn released that the sudden weight loss that he had was also because of his eating disorder only.

Zayn Malik workout
Zayn Malik

Zayn malik Exercise Routine includes:


Zayn Later in his book also talked about how he continually loved boxing as it gives him the body he wanted and made him strong. Since 2012, The time when 1D got fame and beauty, Zayn and another always had their trainers with them, and they never quit working out. Zayn Malik also said that his dad was a personal trainer, so exercise and health were always a part of his life.

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Weight Training

Zayn Malik also said that he managed to do a lot of weight training as well, no matter if they all are on the road doing lots of live shows, Zayn always used to complete his workout. In the weight training routine, he used to show a standard bodybuilding routine made by his trainer. There is not much news about the insight into his workout routine.

if you want to learn more about his workout and life, You should check out the book Zayn. In that Zayn malik has informed about his life. Everything that he has distributed from his childhood to his anxiety, eating disorders, etc. The book also provides you more insight bout his workout and the life he lived so far.

Zayn malik Diet plan

Zayn Malik’s diet includes eating lots of healthy stuff filled with carbs, protein, veggies. I could not found specifically what he likes to eat, but it does involve eating lots of carbs and protein. After he left the band, Zayn Malik started eating healthy and managed his food to get a better body. Zayn Malik also takes a lot of water throughout the day to keep himself hydrated and healthy.

This is all regarding Zayn Malik Diet plan.

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