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Zachery Levi Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023


Zachary Levi Pugh was born on the 29th of  September 1980. His place of birth is Lake Charles, Louisiana, in the United States of America and his Parents are Susan Marie and Darrell Pugh.

Zachary Levi is a popular actor as well as a singer. This American celebrity began to arise for his work in the chuck series as Chuck Bartowski. Zachary Levi kicked off his acting career when he was just six years old. Professionally, he began after his days in Buena High School. He first up a part in the Big Shot F.X television movie. Levi Later performed in the ABC sitcom, less than perfect at Kipp Steadman. He has a significant share of nominations in both the filming and music sector. He has got an Emmy Award, Teen Choice award, and T.V. guide award for his profession in the Chuck Series.

Zachary Levi Body Stats

Height6ft 3 inches
Weight85 kg
Age40 years
Chest44 inches
Waist32 inches
Biceps16 inches
Body BuildAthletic
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorHazel

Zachery Levi workout routine

Zachary is one of the actors that you will notice in most comics and animated movies, as he unusually chooses to do superheroes or action movies. However, after he did the movie Shazam, his fan following has grown like crazy, and he is now one of the DC actors who people look up to for body shape.

Zachary got a lot of weight and muscles to get into the shape of Shazam. Even though the suit does make him seem more bulked up than Zachry is in real life, his body is something else.

Zachary stated that he wanted to work out and train for 18 months with different trainers to get into a healthy and natural body. Now, about the workout, Zachary was preparing for 5 to 6 days a week, focusing on different areas of his body. It was not just of bulking up: it was in the physical nature of a superhero and not just looking like one. His workout includes:

Gym Workout

So there were many kettlebell workouts involved. the heavy lifting was like an everyday thing; it was just how others heroes train. Begin with weight, lifting heavy, and eating heavy, then switch from heavy lifting with low reps to lightweight with high reps. One of his trainers even have how he distributed Zachery Levi workout:

  • Day 1 full-body power
  • Day 2 shoulder and arms
  • Day 3 mobility including steady cardio for recovery
  • Day 4 lower body strength plus hypertrophy
  • Day 5 chest and back strength plus hypertrophy
  • Day 6 suit-up day, many of the carries workout

However, Zachary has worked with distinctive trainers, so his workout was not the same for long. However, adding on exercises like deadlifts, farmer’s walks, tire flips, Romanian sumo deadlifts, stiff leg deadlifts, etc.

That is all regarding Zachery Levi workout routine.

Zachary Levi Diet Plan

Zachary stated that he was eating clean and eating around 3.5k to 4k calories a day. That was when he required to bulk up, but to get cut and ripped, he indeed switched up to a 2.5k to 3,5k calories diet filled with protein, carbs, healthy fats, etc. Zachary also likes to eat thin crust pizza once in a while as it is all he needs for his cheat meals. Other than that, there was not so much about his diet. It will be a bulking and weight-gaining diet, not for becoming ripped and lean. Zachary Levi diet includes:


  • Chicken sausage
  • Egg omelet (4 egg whites including one whole egg)
  • Whole grain avocado toast


  • Protein smoothie including almond milk, almond butter, egg, Banana, berries, and some oats.


  • Chicken breast
  • Veggies
  • Rice

Post Lunch

  • Chicken grilled or roasted
  • Veggies
  • Rice

Evening Snack

  • Protein Shake


  • Bison steak
  • Veggies

That is all concerning Zachary Levi diet plan.

FAQ Regarding Zachary Levi

Is Zachary Levi still Exercising?

  • Zachary Levi has persisted silent in his training. A Shazam! fan account posted a video on Twitter showing the actor working out in the gym with his coach. The video showed Levi’s preparation for the series.

Is Zachary Levi dating someone?

  • Levi is pretty private regarding his love life, but it does seem he is currently single.

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