How Yoga Helps To Improve Your Core Strength? Different Type Of Yoga Pose To Improve Core Strength

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What is the meaning of yoga? Yoga is a physical and mental discipline to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing. However, it helps in increasing flexibility muscle strength and body tone. It also improves the respiration process, energy, and vitality.

In the same case, yoga helps in reducing stress levels and tension in the physical body. It also helps in the attainment of perfect equilibrium and harmony. Still, it helps in weight loss and increases flexibility and muscle strength.

How does it help to improve your core strength?

Here are 5 yoga poses you can use to improve your core strength:-

1. Boat Pose

A standard yoga pose that can build your core strength is Boat Pose. It is a stationary posture that improves your strength, stability, and mobility. This yoga pose is to start seated with your legs extended out in front of you. ¬†And then sit up tall to lengthen your spine slowly lean back while bending your knees. Keep leaning back your body until you’re able to lift your feet off the floor. To keep your legs activated flex your feet. If it’s needed, hold onto your bent knees with your hands to maintain the lengthen in your spine.

Boat pose yoga is a V-shape, which is typical practice with legs and arms extended. But in the same kind, this version is quite effective and is a good starting point.

Boat Pose yoga
Boat Pose yoga (Source: Pexels)

2. Side Plank Pose

This is another step of basic posture that features a static hold to build endurance strength in your core body. This is a sideways position that targets your obliques. Start the side plank pose in a high push-up position. In the same kind, keeping your right hand on the floor, swing your entire body sideways facing the left wall. If you are able, stack one leg on top of the other. And if you need more stability, place one foot in front of the other.

Side Plank Pose
Side Plank Pose (Source: Pexels)

3. Dolphin Plank Pose

Another step of plank posture is the Dolphin Plank Pose that builds core strength is a pose that is nicknamed “Dolphin Plank”. Start the Dolphin Plank Pose on your hands and knees. In the same kind, slowly lower both elbows one at a time to the floor. If it is possible, keep your arms parallel with one another. On the way, curl your toes, and lift your knees off the floor, and re-position yourself so that your entire body is long and flat like a low coffee table. However, it is another stabilizing posture, but you may find that the abdominal muscles activate more in this pose compared to a regular plank pose.

4. Bridge Pose

Start the Bridge Pose lying on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Instantly, you may need to align your knees so they are directly over your ankles or heels for good leverage. Press your feet firmly into the floor to lift your hips off the ground when you exhale. Instantly, bend your arms at 90 degrees to press the backs of your arms down into the floor to further lift your upper body. When you breathe in and out, sustain the position. Holding it will strengthen the muscles in your back, particularly the erector muscles that directly support your spine.

5. Wheel Pose

As with the Bridge Pose, it starts lying on the floor with your knees bent. Instantly, place your hands up by your shoulders, but slightly wider than shoulder distance for good alignment and leverage. With a strong exhale process, press your feet and hands firmly into the floor to lift your entire body into the air. However, if you’re unable to move up into this position, stay with the bridge pose; both have core strengthening benefits.

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