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WWE Superstar :Roman Reigns Arms Workout

Roman Reigns

Even though the results of their matches might be written, there is nothing “fake” about how WWE wrestlers look. Their workouts are as hard as any other athlete’s. Roman Reigns, also known as “The Big Dog,” has biceps as big as a Superstar. The two-time Leukemia survivor and four-time world champion have some of the best guns in the business, but they weren’t always that way.

Reigns worked hard to get the body he’s been showing off in the ring for the past few years. Roman says, “When I started wrestling, I started doing more bodybuilding workouts, focusing on squeezing, contracting, and controlling my muscles.” “In the ring, we must be careful what we do because you don’t want to kill anyone. You want to have the upper hand. When I played football, I wanted to be the fastest, most vital, most skilled, and most explosive player on the field.

“So now when I train, it’s less about moving the bar and hitting numbers and more about feeling the movement of the bar and everything I’m doing. It’s strange, but I’m still learning to connect with my body even though I’m 34.