Emi Wong Workout Routine

Emi Wong is a YouTuber, Fitness Influencer, and online personality best known for her workouts and training regimens. Emi Wong is a well-known Fitness influencer in Asia. Her YouTube channel has almost 5 million followers. Many people are curious about Emi Wong’s fitness regimen and how she keeps in shape. If you’re curious about Emi Wong’s exercise, keep reading.

Emi Wong Body Measurements

Height5 ft 5 inches
Weight49 kg
Breast32 inch
Age29 yrs
Waist24 inches
Hips34 inches

Emi Wong Workout Routine

Emi Wong is a significant fitness influencer. You can watch and learn from many of her free workout routines and programs on her website. Also, Emi Wong’s YouTube channel has a lot of information about her workouts and other healthy things she likes to do. But many people want to know, Does she do that? Or does Emi Wong do something else to stay in shape? So, I watched some of her videos to find out.

I looked for a while before I found this new video where Emi Wong talks about a health routine that changed her life. Emi Wong says that when she wakes up, the first thing she does is stretch in bed. You can get her ready by watching that video and doing those stretches. Emi Wong would then eat and go for a 40-minute jog. After that, she would do a few HIIT runs. Emi Wong has a daily cardio routine that she does and sticks to. Since the video isn’t that old, Emi Wong would still be doing that routine.

If jogging isn’t your thing, Emi Wong offers several cardio routines based on K-pop songs by BTS, Blackpink, and other musicians. She also does a lot of different workouts, such as HIIT and full-body movements, and she gives her fans great workout plans and videos. You can go to her channel and choose which ones to follow based on your tastes. I recommend this 45-minute full-body workout to get fit all over. It is one of Emi Wong’s best workouts on her YouTube channel.

Emi Wong’s exercise consists of:

Emi Wong
Emi Wong


If you want to have Emi Wong’s figure, you must do at least 40-60 minutes of cardio in the morning five to six days a week. As I previously said, you may also undertake Emi Wong’s other cardio routines, which include additional walking, dancing, and basic cardio workouts. However, stretch before beginning this training program.

HIIT Exercise

You should complete 30-45 minutes of HIIT exercises from her training routines in the evening. You may select any training plan that works for you, but I recommend a 45-minute full-body workout in which she alternates between 40 seconds of exertion and 20 seconds of rest. It’s one of Emi Wong’s most excellent workouts. So do that, or else there are many routines on her YouTube channel and website.

That concludes the Emi Wong workout routine.

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