Why Meditate? 7 Powerful Reasons To Meditate


Why Meditate?

Meditation is the perpetual process of training your mind to redirect your thoughts. The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people find its many health benefits. You can use it to increase awareness of yourself and also around your surroundings. Many people think of its as a way to reduce stress and helps in developing concentration.  People also use the trends to develop other beneficial habits and feelings, such as a positive mood, self-discipline and even pain tolerance.

There are no secrets for the practice of meditation as the practise is often touted as a habit of highly successful people which is recommended as a means of coping with stress and anxiety.

7 Powerful Reasons To Meditate

1) Managing stress-related health problems

Stress can cause a medical problem and make its symptoms worse. Finding a stress bursting method to complement the treatment can thus be a critical issue for people who are battling with a medical condition aggravated by stress. Meditation is exactly such a weapon against stress as well as anxiety. The practice has been scientifically linked to a longer life and improved symptoms for many conditions.

2) Living a long and healthy life

We tend to think of stress as a mental thing as it destroys our body in so many ways from raising our blood pressure to damaging the DNA. Therefore, besides healthy food and exercises, a technique to reduce stress is an essential ingredient for living and healthy life. Meditation has been proven that has effectively relieve stress. Perhaps this is the powerful reason why the people who are meditating regularly have been found to live longer and also they need less medical help along the way.

3) Kicking insomnia

Getting adequate sleep is essential to feel good inside out. If the person is too anxious or stressed then it would be the best idea to sit quietly before going to bed which is a proven tool for relieving insomnia. Like other treatments for sleep problems, meditation has also side effects. Unlike sleeping pills, however, these side effects are all positive, ranging from increased work efficiency to improved relationships between the person.

4) Improving the academic performance

Whether we are talking about preschool, school or colleges, less stress means better academic results which are true for students of all ages. Under stress, the human brain literally turns off its higher cognitive functions including the information, processing and memory, to save energy for flight or fight response. Hence it is no wonder that meditation is taken as a top-notch tool for reducing stress.

5) Steps on the way to enlightenment

Enlightenment is actually not as spiritual as it may sound. The whole process could be described as identifying life for what it really is and living each and every moment from that understanding. What it usually takes is to clear way the blur caused by too much stress in our everyday life. Step by step, one will begin to see how beautiful life really is- and then act from that understanding in his/her day to day activities. Enlightenment and deeper meaning in life are not religious in their nature, but very practical states accessible to everyone.

6) Quitting, smoking, drinking, taking drugs and other addictions

Usually, the real reasons for picking up a cigarette or a drink or taking drugs is the need for people to relieve the stress as well as the desire to unwind and relax. Yet meditation is an easy to learn techniques that have been found to quit smoking, recovering from the alcohol and drug addiction much easier exactly because it relaxes your mind and state of the body without having any side effects.

 7) Solving weight issues by simply sitting quietly

It is proven that unhealthy food is just as addictive as cocaine. No wonder that so many people struggle to lose weight or develop serious disorders related to eating. In order to effectively reduce weight food must be replaced with healthy fixes such as healthy foods, exercises and meditation. This combo of good habit will uplift you to keep the mind and body system naturally happy. The urge to drown the day to day sorrows in a bucket of ice cream simply vanishes of its own accord. So, it is also considered as the main reason to meditate.