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Why Humans Do Not Live Forever and Death Is Unavoidable


Why don’t we live forever if the body is like a machine? There are several aging theories, and programmed aging ideas can explain why death is an unavoidable element of being human.

According to programmed theories of aging, aging is a fundamental and natural element of human biology and is built into our biological systems. Otherwise, we’d live eternally. The endocrine (hormonal) system, the immunological system, and our genes are the three major systems associated with aging. These systems vary throughout time, and these changes result in aging symptoms and signs.

The Human Body Is Not a Machine

To understand this concept, it is necessary to acknowledge that the body is not a machine. While we like comparing the human body to a machine, this is not an accurate comparison. Unlike a device, which only has the components it was designed with, the human body is constantly repairing and replacing cells. Believe it or not, 90 percent of the cells in your body regenerate every seven years. The human body, unlike a machine, is an extraordinary, open, and dynamic system, which is why it ages.

The Evolution of Aging

Technically, the human body has no cause to “wear out” as long as it can heal and renew itself. As a result, something other than time must be at work to create the natural consequences of aging. According to the programmed view of aging, aging and mortality are essential components of evolution. If a species lacked the genetic ability for aging and death, it would not be needed to duplicate to exist.

Aging Is Predetermined

Because aging is about evolution rather than biology, it must be natural in the organism rather than the product of external conditions or illness. According to this idea, aging and mortality are not the product of wear and tear or exposure but rather a programmed, natural, and essential element of heredity. To put it simply, humans are genetically intended to age and die.

Evidence to Back Up the Theory

This idea argues that there is little difference in lifespan within species. Elephants die around the age of 70, spider monkeys around the age of 25, and humans around the age of 80. Some variations are possible due to diet and medical treatment, but the overall lifespan within species remains pretty stable. According to the programmed idea, if aging were caused by wear and tear, there would be greater variety in lifespan within each species. While aging and death are unavoidable, you can take steps to increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. For aging nutritional recommendations, look into longevity advice.

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