What Is the Difference Between Drug And Medicines?

drug and medicine

The difference between medicine and drug

Drugs and medicine are usually replaced by each other as fewer people are aware of the fact that both carry a different sense and have some major distinctions as well. Every drug can be termed as medicine but not every medicine can be assumed to be a drug.

A drug is a chemical substance that takes a limitation of your body or capacity depending on its own inherent nature. For example, when you take a sleeping pill, it puts you to dream no matter how much you want to be alert! It controls your body and mind. You can replicate this activity many times and you will experience the same each time.

It does not end there! Subsequently, when you need to sleep, it will make your body demand the pill again. As you start returning to its demand, it will keep demanding progressively for an increased dose for the equivalent amount of sleep while reducing the quality of sleep! You will finally end up in a state that except you take these pills, you only cannot sleep. This case is called drug dependence. Your life will not be under your power but the drugs.

Painkillers work in a related way. They do not determine the cause of the pain. It briefly makes you forget the pain. Pain will return shortly as the cause has not been addressed and remains unresolved. You will repeatedly be forced to seek the help of a pain killer. This process will grow slowly and steadily asking for a higher dose every time. Painkillers then enhance the master and you the slave again!

The story is no different with pills for hypertension or diabetes or any extra disease. An acute condition enhances chronic and you are the permanent victim. All drugs ultimately create a growing market for new drugs to counteract and compensate for their ill effects! Your body will stop up becoming the warehouse of different discarded drugs and they will not simply sit there but hurt you immensely.

Medicine is something that helps to restore normalcy to your body as well as mind. Normalcy is actually nothing but your voluntary control over your personal body and mind. Hence its effect can be seen to be the exact opposite of the drugs. Characteristics of a good medicine are that you will never compulsively require the medicine and there is no intimidation of discomfort or danger when not used on time.

Have you seen the cases of patients with diabetes and hypertension resulting in other inconvenient complications when the prescription of drug is not received on time every day? This is because the power is with the drug here. But in the case of medications control over your body and mind is normally handed back to you with a little bit of guidance from the right medicine.

Medicines have very close associations with food and rest in their basic action. When you are craving or dehydrated. You cannot work normally! Then pure water acts like medicine. When you are hungry, simple food also acts as medicine. When you are exhausted and fatigued, normal sleep works like medicine. Medicines are generally harmless when there is no excess or abuse.

All substances can be prepared to work in 3 planes food, medicine, or poison! Regular table salt is food and a taste enhancer. It is also a lifesaver in cases of dehydration as a role of saline water. It can kill too in causes of hypertension! How come- It is the thing? yes! The difference is how it’s practiced and how much.

When food is prepared to act as medicine, there are usually no adverse side effects of the medicine. This is the driving source of VEdaCeuticals a new science and technology! Vedaceuticals are a significant and integral part of holistic health.

You can be self-confident and thereby self-dependent.

Disadvantages Of Both Drugs And Medicines

Alon with the advantages of medicines there are a lot of limitations as well. Drugs are usually taken in a negative way, but even medications with a high amount of drugs can be critical to health. Being addicted to drugs and non-prescribed medicines not only harms and affects serious problems in the human body, but it also generates issues in the social life of the individuals which can turn serious later.