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What is Meant By Yoga Mudra? What Is The Science Behind It 2023


We use our arms, hands, and fingers to do almost everything from typewriting in words on the computer keyboard to take the heaviest of weights, our forelimbs play an important role. But have we ever given any concepts about the power of our fingers?

Well, this question does not belong to the physical power of fingers but rather calming, soothing, and healing power. Yes! it might sound pretending but it’s very true. Certain positioning of thumbs can bring certain differences in the body and this positioning in simple words is known as “Mudra”.

What Is Meant By Yoga Mudra?

The term mudra in Sanskrit literally means “a seal”. Mudra in common terms means a subtle science of arranging your body, especially your hands, in a certain way to reach and alter the function of the whole body.

Yoga Mudra is all regarding balancing the Pancha tattva which in turn helps to balance your body and keeps it healthy. Therefore, your hands act as a power panel to balance the Pancha tattva.

What is Pancha Tattva?

The whole universe is thought to have been made by 5 different elements-air, water, fire, earth, and space, these elements all collectively are known as the Pancha Tattva. Thus, the human body is also made up of these core elements and we grow from these elements only to die and join up back to nature in these very minute forms.

Additionally, as we fall sick, get anxious, have no coordination of our thoughts-all these inequalities in the body are thought to have been brought upon due to imbalance in theĀ  5 basic elements that give us.

So, is there a way to consider these tattvas? Yes certainly, there is one step and this is the yoga Mudra! Well, there is a deep-rooted science after how all these mudras work, but before knowing that we need to understand which fingers represent which Pancha tattvas.

Which Finger Symbolizes Which Pancha Tattva While Doing Mudras?

  1. Thumb- Fire (Agni)
  2. Index-Air (Vayu)
  3. Middle Finger- Space (Akash)
  4. Ring Finger- Earth (Prithvi)
  5. Little Finger- Water (Jaal)

When you bring two-finger close to any other while doing a mudra, you are actually bringing the serving finger of the elements in contact with each other.


The Science Behind The Yoga Mudra

By now you may have made the slightest of an idea as to how the mudra works. Well, you need to know that certain postures and positions affect your body and your physiology in general, and yoga position is a good example of that. Similarly, your hand’s posture along with specific asana (Yoga position) if done well will serve as a control panel of the whole Pancha tattva in your body.

Doing mudra by bringing fingers in concurrence, actually produce a strong electromagnetic wave in your body that serves to counteract the deficiency of specific elements of your body which intends to say that, if you have an imbalance in your body, the electromagnetic wave produced in the body will help to set things in order and keep you mentally, physically and emotionally steady.

However, mudra should be done in good coordination of asana and pranayama because, in line to gain access to controlling your core system, your body must be aligned in a certain posture as the correct posture helps to stimulate the vagus nerve and the required effect can be achieved.

Five Powerful Yoga Mudras

There are hundreds of mudra which assists you in a certain way. Nevertheless, most of the mudra of fingers requires your thumb to be touched because the thumb (Agni) neutralizes the impact of other hyperfunctioning elements in our body. Some of the helpful mudras are:

  1. Chin Mudra- For more useful concentration
  2. Vayu Mudra- For hormonal balance
  3. Ling Mundra- To resist cold, hypothermia
  4. Prithivi Mudra- For degenerative disease
  5. Prana Mudra- Check the whole Tattvas and unleash your dormant energy.


Presenting mudra can actually unleash your body’s potential and can join you to higher forms of life, that is the reason why while doing meditation many gurus are regarded making specific mudras of fingers. Therefore trying out mudras will help you enhance calm, healthy, and confident for sure.