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What Is A Fig? 10 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Figs Or Anjeer.


What Is A Fig?

Figs, also known as anjeer are the fruits of the ficus tree, one of the parts of the mulberry family.  Figs are soft from the center accompanied by crunchy seeds. This unique texture makes it a great fruit to enjoy just the way it is as most people remember fig in the form of a dry fruit when the seeds turn more crispy and the flesh dries up. Fresh figs are seasonal but the dried figs can be enjoyed all year round. They are part of the healthy diet as a replacement to the table sugar and act as a natural sweeter.

Health Benefits Of Figs

1)Helps Relieve Constipation

Packed with fiber both soluble and insoluble figs are great for relieving constipation. When eaten, figs help add bulk to your bowel movements which increase the amount of mucous secreted and holds on to the water content in your stools. All these factors make it a very effective remedy against constipation as it also helps to remove excess toxins from the body which is also known as ama. Try to eat 2 to 3 dry figs on an empty stomach to relieve constipation.

2) Prevent Coronary Heart Disease

Dried figs contain high amounts of omega 3, omega 6, and phenol that helps to keep your heart healthy and keep heart disease at bay. Apart from the studies have found that the leaves of figs are also very effective in improving the health of the heart. The leaves have an inhibitory effect on triglycerides helping in the reduction of plaque formation within the arteries.

3) Prevent Colon Cancer

Your colon is one of the organs that bear the burnt of an ineffective digestive system. In Ayurveda, it is believed that the build-up of toxins in the colons is one of the main reasons for the cancer of the colon. Figs are packed with antioxidants and fiber, this food actually helps keep colon cancer at bay by reducing the amount of waste adhering to the colon. It also improves digestion and imparts the antioxidants properties that help to prevent cancer.

4) Keeps Diabetes At Bay

In the fight against diabetes, both figs, as well as their leaves, come in handy. Due to the high amount of potassium figs contain, the fruit helps to maintain a constant blood sugar level in the body. Potassium regulates the sharp rise and fall in the amount of blood sugar level in the body helping diabetic life a much more normal life. In the case of insulin dependence, fig leaves are known to have very potent insulin-regulating properties which reduce the level of insulin have to take.

5) Beats Sexual Dysfunction

Figs when combined with walnuts make the perfect aphrodisiac since they contain a high amount of potassium and other minerals. It also helps the body to improve blood flow therefore it improve your sex life. And if lasting longer is your issue then figs are exactly what you need in order to beat it. Full of fruit sugars and glucose, figs are is your immediate pick me up. Mix a few mashed-up figs in a glass of milk added stamina.

6) Lowers Cholesterol

Figs contain a large amount of pectin. This compound is a soluble fiber that acts as a great remedy to lowers cholesterol levels. Pectin moves via the digestive system and also absorbs cholesterol in the stomach that keeps your lipid profile in pristine condition.

7) Strengthen Bones

Figs are a rich source of calcium, an essential component in bone growth and strength. The fruit also contains potassium which is an important compound for the body to use calcium.  These two minerals put together also help in decreasing the amount of calcium leeched from the body and help in rapid healing of the broken bones by speeding up the formation of bone spurs.

8)  Keeps your liver healthy

Commonly used in both Ayurveda and Unani practice is a good, natural way to keep your liver healthy. Figs have been known to speed up healing and help the liver stay healthy. It is found that the figs have properties that can protect the liver from damage and make it function optimally.

9) May Aid Weight Loss

Fibre-rich anjeer can be the perfect snacks or mid-morning munchies, especially for weight watchers. Dried anjeer makes a great nutritious snack where 2 or 3 dried figs can make you feel fuller for longer and this can help keep long gaps between two meals.

10) Can Improve Digestive Wellness

Figs is a great source of probiotics that can support the function of probiotics which can help improve the digestion process and overall health gut. Being fiber-rich, also consist of bulk to the stool, enabling normal bowel movement.