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Virat Kohli Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Virat Kohli Workout

Virat Kohli has become one of the best-known cricket players in the world right now. Because of how aggressively he plays, he is not only the pride of the country but also has a huge number of fans. Because of all of these things, people call him “KING KOHLI.”

But Virat is known for more than just cricket. He is also admired around the world for being very fit and having a great body, which has made him the face of many fitness brands. So let’s find out what Virat Kohli does in his workouts and what he eats that makes him one of the fittest cricket players ever. We’re sure this post will teach you a lot. Let’s get started.

Virat Kohli Workout Principles

Virat Kohli is a huge fan of working out. He works out 5–6 times a week. His workouts don’t just help him get better at playing on the field; they also make him into a sort of super athlete.

Virat Kohli’s fitness plan takes a whole-person approach. It works on different parts of his body, which makes him a better athlete and gives the other team’s players bad dreams when he’s on the field. It includes different ways to work out, such as resistance training, Olympic lifting, cardio, and a lot of other activities.

So, let’s find out more about how Virat Kohli trains in the next section.

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Virat Kohli Workout Routine

Virat Kohli has a pretty simple way that he works out. But don’t think it’s going to be easy. It’s not only hard, but it also works pretty well. As a world-class athlete, he needs to make sure that his training is as well-rounded as possible. So, on the one hand, it helps you build strength and muscle, and on the other, it makes your heart and lungs work better.

It also aims to help him become more flexible, mobile, agile, and athletic overall. So, let’s look at the different ways he trains that are part of his workout plan:

 Virat Kohli Workout

Weight training

Virat Kohli’s fans have always been blown away by how ripped and muscular he is. His weight training routine, which is an important part of his workout plan, is to thank for that.

Most of his weight training consists of basic compound lifts. By doing these exercises, he can increase his overall level of strength. It also helps him build and keep his lean, muscular body.

When Virat Kohli workout with weights regularly, he does the following:

  • Pull-ups
  • Pushups
  • Deadlift
  • Barbell pull-ups
  • Front squats
  • Press from above
  • Upright rows with a barbell
  • Do a bench press.
  • Bulgarian split squat
  • Single leg deadlift
  • Glute ham raise

Virat lifts moderately heavy weights during his workouts to increase both his strength and the size of his muscles. Virat makes sure to focus on improving the strength of his core and lower body when he lifts weights.

This is because, as an athlete, he needs to have a lot of explosive power when fielding and, especially, when hitting powerful fours and sixes. And the strength of your core and lower body muscles is a big part of how well you can do them.


Virat’s cardio workouts are meant to help him burn off extra fat and improve his cardiovascular endurance. Virat does different kinds of cardio, and he does them in a HIIT style, to keep his body slim and fit.

Even though running is his favorite cardio workout, he also likes to do battle ropes, skipping, boxing, the elliptical, spinning, and spinning. So that’s how he stays so slim all year long. First’s warm-up routine usually includes doing cardio. The most important part of his warm-up routine is running and sprinting.

Physical activities

Virat likes to do something physical every day, in addition to practicing his cricket skills to get better at the game. He would love to go hiking or swimming to work out his whole body on some days.

This method keeps his exercise routine from becoming boring. It also makes it easier for him to train his body consistently so that he can give his all on and off the field.


Every time Virat trains, he does a proper cool-down routine at the end. It’s mostly just a few static stretches that keep his body flexible and relax his muscles.

 Virat Kohli Diet

Virat Kohli’s Diet Plan

Virat has always been very careful about what he puts in his body. Because of this, it’s almost impossible to tell if he’s out of shape. So, when he takes his shirt off, he can show off his ripped abs.

Virat Kohli’s diet plan has enough lean proteins, good carbs, and healthy fats. He likes home-cooked food best and eats about three big meals a day. He makes sure that most of each meal is made up of foods that are high in proteins. Because of how hard he trains, his body needs a good amount of protein every day to heal and grow.

Changing to being a vegan

Over the past few years, Virat has become a vegan, which has also helped him. He doesn’t eat fish, chicken, meat, eggs, milk, honey, or anything else that comes from an animal. Virat Kohli has always made sure to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. His favorite fruits are watermelon and papaya. When he eats vegetables, he likes them sautéed just a little bit.


Virat likes to snack on healthier foods in between his main meals to keep his hunger at bay. One of his favorite snacks is a wheat cracker. On the one hand, it gives his body good carbs, and on the other, it stops his hunger pains. As a snack, he also likes to have a handful of nuts with black coffee.

Cheat meal

Virat is a big foodie. Whenever he goes somewhere new, he likes to try the food there. But he never eats junk food, especially those with a lot of saturated fat. So, French fries and chips are a big no-no on his diet chart. He prefers their baked versions instead.

If you follow Virat Kohli closely, you’ve probably noticed that he always has a bottle of water with him. So, that’s how he keeps his body hydrated. He drinks a lot of water throughout the day and says that it helps him stay healthy and avoid getting sick.


We’ve reached the end of this post. If you want to get super fit and in great shape like Virat Kohli, you can use the information in this post to plan out your workout and eating schedule.

Just make sure to structure them based on your fitness goals and how much you’ve trained before. Also, you need to make sure you stick to your fitness routine. If you do that and are patient, you will definitely get the body you want.