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Tony Robbins Workout Routine & Diet plan

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a famous American innovative author who is best known for his excellent motivational speech in seminars. The famous writer not only confined himself to speaking but declared his other talents through his great works. The multi-talent Robbins is an author, coach, writer, and philanthropist completely.

He was born on Feb 29, 1960, in Los Angeles, California, United States. The 61 years old author been quite known for seminars, and self-help books. At this time he is a national spokesperson for the Wellness Community, a non-profit organization that gives support to cancer patients by learning the skills that enable them to recover control to improve their lives.

Tony Robbins Body Stats

Robbins is not only recognized for the strength of his voice but also is well known for his energetic physical appearance.

Weight98 kg
Age62 years
Shoe Size16 US
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Tony Robbins Workout Routine

Experiments reveal that on a regular event day Tony burns about 11,300 calories. He jumps 1,000 times. Every jump points 4 times the average power on his body which implies that on a regular performance day his 6’7″ frame takes over 1 million pounds of strength. Yet, he stays healthy.

He does not include the conventional exercise routines as obtaining an athletic body is not the goal. A fit mind and body help effectuate the coordination of both that can create amazing things we have never encountered. It does not only keep the body access but also puts the brain in a fertile tone.

These are the subsequent things that Tony does to keep himself fit:

OestroStrong session:

Unlike other activities, OestroStrong is not about receiving to the gym and lifting weight but it is a big kickstart to get your body into survival mode. It encourages you to get all your force, strength, and stamina into pushing an object. It s a pretty high-impact workout technique that does not cause any kind of injury and decreases exhaustion too. He does this for 5 minutes even without any break in the between.

Tony Robbins Workout
Tony Robbins


It is a way of giving the body to greatly cold temperatures. It is a way that could be done in various ways. Some do it just in special areas of the body to relieve tension and pain from the joints particularly. It can be done on the entire body too and it is when you are put inside a tube that has a frigid temperature for 3 to 5 minutes.

Quick gym

As the name implies, the technique is quite quick as it requires 4 minutes of rigorous workout which is basically a torture technique to exhaust you today. The exertion would depend on the rate at which you are doing the exercise without taking any rest in between. It might look very simple but it consumes a lot of energy and would weaken your body too.

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Tony Robbins does 2 minutes of back inversion

Tony Robbins makes sure that his spine endures strong because only with a strong spine does he remains hours on the desk and does other jobs that he normally does. It takes 2 minutes to reach his back on the inversion machine. It helps to regulate blood flowing and strengthen the spine.

Breathing exercise

Breathing exercises are the basis of any meditation and are very simple to start your day with. Robbins has his own system of breathing practices that begin with breathing deeply through the nostrils while raising the arms in a shoulder press motion. Robbin does this breathing practice at least 30 times in each set thrice with a little break in between.

Tony Robbins Diet plan

Robbin understands that 70% of your eating should come from live foods, including the required water. Food combining is an extra important element of this diet, such as eating fruit on an empty stomach and not getting proteins with carbohydrates. Robbins backed off eating fish altogether after finding severely high levels of heavy metals in his blood.

To start with, he maintains to stick with the corresponding daily meals. And right after waking up, he drinks an adrenal support cocktail. It is a shake made of a green powder, Vitamin C, antioxidants mutually with capsules of methylated B vitamins mixed with extra nutrients.

After that, he works out and will have a breakfast made of free-range eggs and organic coconut bread which provides him with all the fuel that he requires for his body. His diet involves a lot of alkaline foods which will help you gain the most nutrient value without affecting your health.

FAQ About Tony Robbins Workout Routine As Well As Diet plan

What does Tony Robbins eat in a  day?

  • Robbins has a dinner of a clean organic protein source accompanied by roasted potatoes, asparagus, and broccoli, cooked with coconut oil.

How many calories does Tony Robbins burn?

  • He burns 11,300 calories per day during his live events which are similar to running 2 1/2 marathons at a sprint.

What is Tony Robbins come back challenge?

  • The comeback challenge is a seven-day plan that kicked off on Tuesday. This challenge gives one the chance to win Tony and other renowned authorities via live videos on social media.

Why does Tony Robbins have so much energy?

  • Catholic nun triathlete, cryotherapy, and a strange anxiety-reducing headset have given Robbins seemingly limitless energy.

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