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Tony Ferguson Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Height & Weight

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson is a famous sportsman, fighter of mixed martial arts who does in the featherweight category. His unique technology in the fight has made him a real competitor and has bought him many awards. The fights with Tony’s participation are always extremely spectacular, and he always gets bonuses for her best performances of the evening.

Anthony Armand Ferguson was born on the 12th of February, 1984 in the town of Oxnard, state of California. He didn’t identify his biological father: right after the son’s birth, his mother Mary got wedded one more time. The Scot Armand Ferguson took up the boy and gave him his surname.

Tony Ferguson is a married man and has a pretty wife. He wedded a man and has a beautiful wife. He wedded his girlfriend, Cristina Ferguson. Before celebrating their wedding in June 2012, they engaged in 2011. The couple greatly happy in their conjugal life.

Tony Ferguson’s fight salary is about $250,000. His net worth might be more extra than a million. He has received around $982,000 as a winning bonus from his career. So, far his unveiled earnings sum up to $1.7 million. He enclosed $500,000 at UFC 216 for the Interim lightweight title win. His main source of earning is from his fighting career.

Have you ever wondered how Tony Ferguson stays strong, fit, and energetic? Here is the complete Tony Ferguson workout routine & diet plan

Tony Ferguson Body Stats

Age35 years
Weight70 Kg
Sexual OrientationStraight
Net Worth$1.7 million

Tony Ferguson Workout Routine

Tony Ferguson’s workout routine is very difficult and his exercises are beyond your imagination. So,we do not advise you to take these exercises seriously until you are a PRO Gymer.

Horizontal bar windscreen wipers

Starting together with your knees to your chest and your head pointed towards the bottom, pull your legs eliminated from your body and place them in a very sitting position. Then just rock them from an area sort of a wiper on a point of time.

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Tony Ferguson does Horizontal bar swings

Now for this one, you will be requiring to seek out an extremely durable swing set. Once you locate the proper one, simply hoist yourself up, twine your body and keep it horizontally to the bottom. This is all regarding Tony Ferguson’s workout routine.

Tony Ferguson workout routine
Tony Ferguson

There is no spoon

This one is straightforward. All you would like to try to do is stand commonly with your legs shoulder-width apart and your arms extended. Oh yeah, the twist is you need to resist gravity within the method. You will need to face horizontally mutually with your feet against a wall and one arm on the ground for support. It is really easy for the primary few seconds.

 Gym ball summersaults

Jump shoulder first into an athletic facility ball and check out to land on your heels. Repeat some dozen times while not rest and you are golden or surely, paralyzed.

Gym ball hammer swings

So you have got a complete last athletic facility ball exercise? time to kick everything up a notch. Hold up on your ball, acquire one thing long and serious and begin swinging it around. Repeat till you fall off, ideally before you sustain a herniation.

Tony Ferguson Diet plan

A fighter’s diet is one of the most valuable things in his life. It is the source of his energy, and it helps him keep a healthy body type. Hence, several UFC fighters employ nutritionists to help them with their ideal diet and support them take a step above the rest of the competition. UFC lightweight superstar Tony Ferguson is no distinct as he employs a steady and healthy diet. According to Tonyferguson.com, his complete rapid two-shake day diet plan includes the following:-


Sunday- Shake + glass Water

Monday- Yogurt+ glass Water

Tuesday- Fruit+ Yogurt+ glass Water

Wednesday- Ralsih Toast + Ricotta + Glass water

Thursday- Yogurt + glass Water

Friday- Fruit + glass Water

Saturday- Mushroom + Spanish + Tomato + Glass Water

Morning Tea

Sunday- Shake + glass Water

Monday- Shake + glass Water

Tuesday- Fruit+ Yogurt+ glass Water

Wednesday- Shake + glass Water

Thursday- Nuts+ glass Water

Friday- Grilled Vegetables + Ginger + Glass Water

Saturday- Yogurt + glass Water


Sunday- Shake + Salad + Glass Water

Monday- Boiled eggs + Salad + Glass Water

Tuesday- Spaghetti + Noodles + Glass Water

Wednesday- Shake + Salad + Glass Water + Chicken or tuna

Thursday- Shake + Salad + Glass Water

Friday- Shake + Glass Water

Saturday- Shake + Salad + Glass Water + Avocado

Afternoon Tea

Sunday-  Vegetables + Sticks + Glass Water

Monday- Fruit + Glass Water

Tuesday- Small Skim Cofee + Glass Water

Wednesday- Nuts + Glass Water

Thursday- Tuna + Cucumber+ Tomatoes + Glass Water

Friday- Fruit + Glass Water

Saturday- Cherry Tomatoes + Glass Water


Sunday- Beef + Cauliflower + Rice + Glass Water

Monday- Spaghetti + Zucchini Noodles + Glass Water

Tuesday- Peach, and sugar snap salad + + Glass Water + Shake

Wednesday- Fish + Bean Salad + Glass Water

Thursday- Green Vegetables + Glass Water + Shake

Friday- Grilled Chicken+ Vegetables + Glass Water

Saturday- Mushroom + Choy Stir Fry + Glass Water + Shake

After Dinner

Sunday- Fruit + Glass Water

Monday- Tea + Glass Water

Tuesday- Aeroplane Jelly Lite + Glass Water

Wednesday- Aeroplane Jelly Lite + Glass Water

Thursday- Tea + Glass Water

Friday-Yogurt + glass Water

Saturday- Aeroplane Jelly Lite + Glass Water

What makes Tony Ferguson Special?

It’s nearly impossible to stop Ferguson once he’s in his element. Nobody has been able to keep up with his fast pace up to this point. His incredible cardio allows him to hit his opponents with powerful shots without tiring.

Ferguson’s constant forward pressure is too much for his opponents to handle. Unfortunately, some of his opponents never get the chance to use their shields. Ferguson’s last two victories came as a result of a doctor’s stoppage. He’s famous for his vicious elbows and d’arce chokes. Even if he is tagged, the rate at which he recovers is incredible.

Ferguson has complete command of his training camps. He may bring outside trainers, but he sets his own schedule. He also has his own gym in Big Bear. Ferguson took control of his recovery after severely injuring his knee prior to UFC 223 and was successful.

Aside from that, Ferguson is known for having insane training sessions. He’s the type of guy who will kick steel pipes with his leg and breakdance his way to the weigh-ins.

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FAQ About Tony Ferguson

Who does Tony Ferguson train with?

Boxing: Rashad Holloway, Joseph Janik (Former)

Muay Thai: Billy Fonua

Jiu-Jitsu: Eddie Bravo, Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller (Former)

Is Tony Ferguson vegan?