TikTok is going crazy over this Taylor Swift-inspired workout. Are You Prepared?

Taylor Swift-inspired workout.

When creating the ideal running perfect playlist, your thoughts will likely turn to high-tempo, cheerful music that will keep your heart pumping and your feet pounding the ground. Heavy metal may be heavy metal for some, hip hop for others, or undoubtedly high-energy k-pop for others. You may not instantly think of Taylor Swift as a singer-songwriter. However, TikTok has.

Allie Bennett, a fitness content creator on the site, recently published the “Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut,” based on 10 of Swifty’s songs and begins with ‘The Man,’ a tune from the 2019 album Lover. (She has also added “treadmill strut” routines to playlists, including other pop musicians such as Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Rihanna.)

“Please introduce me to my newest treadmill strut exercise,” Bennett writes over the video. “Set your tempo to The Man’s rhythm, then add. One mph with each song change—do not shuffle the playlist!”The speed progressively climbs by. one mph for the first seven songs, then Bennett accelerates to a running pace for two of Swift’s most upbeat pop songs before slowing to a pleasant slower walk. Because, to quote the lady, “You Need to Cool Down.

Here’s the complete routine:

  • The Man (3.4 mph)
  • How You Get the Girl (3.5 mph)
  • Message in a Bottle (3.6 mph)
  • Better Than Revenge (3.7 mph)
  • New Romantics (3.8 mph)
  • You Belong With Me (3.9 mph)
  • Look What You Made Me Do (4 mph)
  • Shake It Off (7 mph)
  • Ready For It? (7 mph)
  • Style (cool down at three mph)
@benntheredonethat @allie Bennett 36 minutes of pure bangers – this might be the best workout I’ve ever created??let me know if you try it out!! #treadmillstrut #taylorswift #workout #hotgirlwalk #12330 ♬ Taylor swift treadmill strut workout – Allie Bennett

Bennett’s method may be effective if you want to increase the low-impact cardio you undertake to improve your heart health or lose weight. Alternatively, if you want to get back into running, altering your pace at regular intervals is the run/walk/run strategy, which helps develop endurance over time.


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