Imoprtant Lessons In The Art Of Being A French Woman

At this point, French women are almost mythical creatures. So many people around the world idolize them and place them on the pedestal for their effortless beauty, grace, style, charm, whatever else you might think of. But what is it that makes them so wonderful? What makes a French woman, and is it really a matter of nationality, culture, or nationality? Or is it just their state of being, their morals, their values? Let’s take a look at a few lessons in the art of being a French woman.

To be at the moment

French women are known to enjoy little things in their lives and to treat them as equally important. Whether it’s a really good cup of coffee or a perfect red lipstick, a lunch break, or an evening with friends and wine, French women take the time to enjoy these things, and they don’t rush. Work can wait, you’ve got to enjoy every minute of your life and live it to the fullest. Most of us take these things for granted and often don’t stop and enjoy them, but French women know better.

Confidence is The Key

Confidence is all about getting the pleasure of everything you do, and French women take this seriously. They get the best silk clothes and the most beautiful lingerie, not because it’s trendy, but because it gives them a pleasure to look good and feel beautiful. That’s how they approach their intimate life, which is why you’ve probably heard so many stories about how passionate French women are.

Trust Is Sexy

When you think of the archetype of a French woman, don’t you really think of her as a shy, quiet girl? She’s always confident, and she knows exactly what she wants. She doesn’t care if she’s standing out in a room, she’s coming to conquer, and if you’re not ready for that, that’s your problem, not hers. Confidence is definitely one of the most important things, they’re much more interested in being unpologetic instead of a copy of someone else.

Enjoy the food you eat

Many books on French talk about how French women enjoy food. They have three meals a day, but they make sure they actually make time for it and actually enjoy it, ideally in a social setting with friends or family. French women don’t care about snacking on their way or rushing to get their lunch before the end of their break. Meals are socializing and enjoying the food you eat.

Age doesn’t Scare them

French women don’t really care about age, and getting older doesn’t scare them like a lot of other women around the world. They don’t really worry about turning 30 or 40, they just take care of themselves all their lives. In fact, there’s been a study that asked women what they think it means to be old, and many of them said they thought it would be old in the 80s. So they’re not trying to stay looking 20 forever, they’re just aging gracefully. It’s all about attitude for French women looking good, and age is but a number.

Quality over quantity

French women are very concerned about quality. They’d rather have one thing that’s best than five that’s all right. And that’s what they’re doing in every part of their lives, from their makeup and perfume choices to the clothes they wear, to the things they have at home. They just like the feel of quality and luxurious things and when you have a perfect red lipstick you don’t really need a whole range of them do you?

In Love With Love

French women are more concerned about feeling in love than they are about the practicalities of marriage or about making a long-term relationship work. They don’t worry a lot about staying with someone they’re falling in love with. They move on to their next love interest without feeling guilty, because it’s important to them to be in love, and there’s no point in staying with someone once you’ve lost that feeling.

Style Is Always Personal

French women don’t really worry about trends, they’re looking for things that fit them and make them feel beautiful. They don’t really try to look the same as everyone else, they don’t hide their imperfections, they embrace what makes them unique. They’re not trying to stand out too much, too. It’s all about being effortless.