How To Take Care Of Your Skin In summer? 7 Tips For Beautiful Summer Skin

Skin care

Summer is lovely: vacation, a more flexible schedule (hopefully), outdoor dinners, fewer clothes, and more skin! We want our summer skin to be smooth, color-even, touchable, and attractive. Instead, we frequently end up with sunburned feet, uneven tan lines, and sun damage. And, on occasion, even worse – rashes, bites, and strange-looking self-tanner

Pay attention to these 5 skin essentials to avoid these pitfalls and achieve show-stopping summer skin:

Take proper care of your feet.

Get that pedicure, but ask your doctor about using a prescription urea cream (40 percent urea, like X-Vitae) to smooth those heels.

Protect yourself from the sun.

Use a high-zinc (10-18% ) sunscreen on your face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. You can use the drugstore stuff on the rest of your body, but remember to reapply – don’t burn yourself.

Even out your Self-tanner

Before you self-tan, exfoliate! If you’re doing it at home, follow the instructions above, including the lotion, and then wait 10 minutes before applying the self-tanner. You know where the spots that pick up extra color are, so as soon as you’ve applied the tanner all over, use Q tips and some alcohol to the places where you don’t want the extra color. If you’re going to be sprayed, dab some petroleum jelly on each area just before the spray.

Ensure that your skin is smooth all over.

This can be done in the shower, but it is more effective in the bath:

  • Soak for 5-10 minutes in a warm – not hot – bath with 2 cups of Epsom salt or other mineral salts.
  • Scrub your body gently with your favorite salt or sugar scrub, then rinse.
  • Apply a gentler facial scrub to your head and neck area.
  • For your back, use a natural bristle brush with a long handle.
  • Dry off and lotion all over, preferably with a cream or body oil containing natural oils.

Avoid unnatural tan lines.

These should not be present if you use sunscreen. If you must have them, cover them up with a cute summer shirt, a rash guard, a wetsuit, or swim tights.

Hydrate your skin with lotion

Choose a summery lotion that you won’t forget to apply. It’s time to retire your thick winter body butter in favor of lighter summer lotions. You don’t have time to wait for your cream to absorb, so choose something light and quick-absorbing. Gels and purees are excellent quick absorbers. Nothing says “summer” like a light, refreshing, fruity lotion. Apply immediately after you have dried off from your shower. You must seal in the moisture that your body has just absorbed.

Drink Plenty of water

Water not only refreshes you but also prevents dehydration and aids in removing toxins. A minimum of 8 glasses of water is required. Carry a water bottle with you if possible, and remember to drink at least once every 30 minutes.