Stylish Haircuts For Long Hair

Hair trends are changing all the time, but the thing that’s always on-trend is healthy hair. While the prevailing idea is that long hair always looks gorgeous, it’s not exactly the case. If your hair is thin, brittle, and damaged, it’s not going to look great, even if it’s going all the way down to your waist. What looks best is thick, healthy, and shiny hair. It’s always better to take care of your hair’s health first, and only once you get it under control should you try to grow it for a long time. But if you have long, healthy hair here, the hairdos are trendy.


Layers are a great way to add volume and movement to your hair and make it look gorgeous. But it’s important to remember that these days layers are meant to look effortless and give you that windswept look like you just came back from a walk in the forest, and your hair falls this way. Stray away from layers that are too perfect and super symmetrical; you don’t want that strange, dated 80s look that makes you look like a freaky doll.


The shag haircut is making a comeback, and we can see why. Thanks to the many layers, it gives you a lot of volumes. It’s a great haircut for those who like a shaggy, rocker look that needs minimal styling. It’s one of those “I woke up like this” haircuts that look good even if you slept in and didn’t have time to do your hair. But again, it’s essential to take a modern approach and not make the layers too short. You want a decent length so that you don’t end up with ratty tails at the base of the skull and a very tall look.

Bangs of the 70s

The 70s are coming back in terms of style; you’ve probably already seen a bunch of fashion bloggers try out this style, and since rollerblading is becoming popular again, a lot of quad rollerbladers like dressing up in 70s style. Regarding 70s hairdos, be specific when you go to the hair salon. You want Jane Birkin’s or Joni Mitchell’s bangs, not the pageboy’s haircut on a grown-up bowl.

Wild Curls

Well, curly-haired people have won a jackpot. Wild, messy curls are trendy right now, and they don’t have to do anything with them. Just take care of your hair and keep it moisturized. Otherwise, just let it roam freely in the wind. That curly look is in, and we don’t see it going out of style soon. There’s a reason everyone raves about the curly girl method. Look it up and try it; perhaps you’ll discover you also have texture to your hair that you didn’t even know about.

Sleek And Shiny

Keeping your hair long and sleek will never go out of style, but make sure it’s healthy. But if you want to chop off the length, do it all at once. Please don’t do that weird thing where you only cut half of it. And for God’s love, forget those odd asymmetrical haircuts. It’s time to leave them in the past and let them stay there.

And finally, remember that the best hairdos are the ones that look like they’re effortless. We live in a time where you don’t want to look like you’ve spent hours doing up your hair in complicated and twister hairstyles. The best way to achieve that is to keep your hair healthy and get a low-effort haircut that requires minimum styling.

Last Updated on July 28, 2023 by anup