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Sssniperwolf Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023


Sssniperwolf was born in 1992 on 22nd October, and her birthplace was in the united kingdom. She has two little brothers and a younger sister. Sssniperwolf is a British Youtuber, and her Youtube channels mainly deal with game analysis. Her real name is Lia Wolf. She likes gaming and has made a career out of her interest. She is one of the expert gamers in the world.

Sssniperwolf interest in video gaming began at a very young age. She played her first video game at the age of six years old. Her dad saw the good she had in gaming.

Sssniperwolf Body Stats

Height5 feet 3 inches
Weight52 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Breast Size35 inches
Waist Size24 inches
Hip Size36 inches
Shoe Size5 US

Sssniperwolf Workout Routine

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Her workout routine consists of only cardio and a few exercises which target her butt, abs, legs, and core muscles. Her workout includes:


For her, stretching is the most significant part of her workout, as she is always working in front of a computer, and her body gets all stiff, and stretching benefits her to get rid of that rigid body. Sssniperwolf ensures she extends her leg, core, back, arms, and shoulders. She pushes for 10 to 15 minutes before beginning her workout. She does try several times a day.


After doing her stretching exercises, she loves to do squats with weighted plates in front. So she does them till she perceives pain in her muscles. She tries to do them most concisely a few times a week.


Next up, she does several reps of lunges on a flat bench, activating her front squads. This exercise improves her get those lean and well-shaped thighs.


Next up, she works her core with plank hold; she decides to hold the position for as long as possible. She performs like 3 to 4 sets of the plank.


Then she performs 30 minutes of biking which gets her the complete cardio workout today to burn those calories. She likes biking in her cardio workout as she says it works on her legs and arms.


Sssniperwolf gets on the GHD, a high bench, or you can stand for doing lower back extension and abs workout. That is what she does in the GHD; she begins off by stretching her back and letting it loose. After that, she performs lower back extensions and directly moves to crunches.

Leg lifts to squats

The last activity she does is a couple of sets of leg lifts and squats. So she begins with leg lifts, then she goes to squats, back to leg lifts, and back to squats. Well, that was it for the Sssinperwolf workout routine; in a way, it is an extensive workout you can do every day. The workout is just not that hard to keep up with.

This is all about the workout routine of Sssinperwolf.

Sssniperwolf Diet plan


So for her diet, she does not have a diet plan; she eats healthy. Sssniperwolf loves to change her daily eating routine. She loves fantastic foods like bacon and toast, and her favorite is her must-have drink, the Starbuck coffee, which she gets every time she runs errands. Her diet includes:

Breakfast/ Lunch Meal

Sssniperwolf breakfast is her lunch as she wakes up moderately late and eats the first meal at 2 or 3 pm. She does not have a specific food she sticks to daily; she likes to change the food frequently. The foods that she consumes are mostly sunny side eggs, toast, veggies, and fruits.


Just some fruits and Starbucks coffee.

Dinner Meal

For the last meal of her day, she consumes meat and veggies in her previous lasticken, heart, and lamb chops. It is her decision; she eats what she wants.

This is all about the diet plan of Sssniperwolf.


Sssniperwolf looks lovely and has a beautiful body, while her work contains sitting in front of a computer for hours. She works out a lot to remain fit and healthy. Her workout is simple and easy to do, but she also tries to keep it simple and easy. She has a lot of fans following who are influenced to do the workout to have body stats like her. Besides the workout routine, she also eats healthily, which is why she has a perfect body shape.

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