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Sharon Osbourne Weight Loss 2023

Sharon  Osbourne

Sharon  Osbourne is a British-American television personality, author, and music manager. She was born on  9 October 1952. Osbourne became a judge on talent television shows, such as The X Factor and  America’s Got Talent. She has released 3 autobiographical books and two novels.

Body stats

Height5ft 2in
Hair ColorRed
Eye colorGreen


Osbourne’s workout

During quarantine, Sharon lost about 20 pounds of weight.

Gastric band surgery

Sharon Osbourne had gastric band surgery, which she regretted and later reversed operation. Even though she lost weight after surgery, she vomited too much, which led her to have the band removed. After she followed a diet, controlled her eating habits, and started to feel healthier, she lost 45kg after performing this surgery.

Low carb plan

Sharon started losing two stones on the low-carb plan in just three months. Low carb planning is not a diet but a lifestyle change. Sharon doesn’t deny the odd treat when she feels like it, but she ensures she sticks to her plan.

Weight loss journey with Atkins

Atkins is the best plan for her because her body doesn’t process sugar and refined carbs well. In just  14 days, She already feels 11 pounds lighter. She never feels hungry because she can eat satisfying, filling food, including many of her favorites.

Sharon’s top 3 diet secret

She shared her top three diet secrets before her milestone 60th birthday about how she lost her weight.

Diet plan that suits her  social life

When going out with friends and family, Osbourne suggests finding one where you can apply the general weight-loss principles to dining out, as it is worse to say, “I am on a diet, and I can’t eat it.”

Healthiest way for her to feel satisfied between meals

Before, she used to leave the dinner table thinking, ‘What’s in my fridge?’, but now she finds healthier snacks like her Chocolate Peanut Butter Atkins bars to help fill her up.

Focus on the “day-to-day” benefits

Instead of being a slave to the scale, she looks for sneakier signs of weight loss and good health like better-fitting clothes, less joint pain, and more energy for daily activities. As sneakers carry less weight and their feet become comfortable, she can sleep incredibly well now.


An American-British television personality, author, and music manager is an optimistic person. She maintains her weight by following the proper diet as suggested by Atkins. She got incredible success in her weight loss journey.

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