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Samara Weaving Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2023

Samara Weaving

The Australian actress and model Samara Weaving is recognized for her works including the Australian underwear brand “Bonds” in 2012. She starred in the film ‘Mystery Road’ as Peggy. She is well known for her role in the TV series ‘Out the Blue’ as Kristen Mulroney in 2008. Samara Weaving was born on the 23rd of February 1992, in Adelaide, Australia. She was grown in Singapore, Fiji, and Indonesia by her parents and siblings. Samara is the child of Simon weaving and Helena Bezzina. Her father named Simon is a filmmaker and the creative director of the Canberra International Film Festival.

Samara Weaving contains Australian citizenship. She refers to white ethnicity. Samara earns money from her professional career as a design and actress. She has not given her properties to the public. Samara is one of the most expensive models in the fashion industry.

Samara Weaving Body Stats

Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight52 kg
Bra Size31 B
Waist22 inches
Hips31 inches
Body TypeSlim
Dress Size4 US
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorBlue

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Samara Weaving Workout Routine

Samara Weaving’s workout routine consists of doing a variety of things. As samara is constantly busy with the shoot and shows, her decision to work out is something that does not require doing a lot of gym and weight training. There was also the time when she moved to the gym like in 2011. After that, she didn’t need a foot inside the gym for like seven years. When they knew her to get in better shape for a particular role, so you can say that Samara Weaving operates at the gym only when it’s preferred and necessary. So if she has a role beginning that needs her to look muscular and have that gym body, then only you will see her moving to the gym.

Running is also a thing for her; when she was in her teenage years, Samara Weaving managed to run for about 10 miles a day. That was just like an examination to her; after a few years, she could not continue that anymore, and slowly the running left. She does seldom jog when she feels like it, but she is nowhere near that 10 miles goal.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is one of the greatest things for Samara Weaving, and she performs loves the fact that she can perform it everywhere. Particularly since she arrived in LA, she can find a lot of yoga gear; Samara Weaving also said in one of her interviews that all other stops in LA have some yoga equipment.

She tries to perform hot yoga nearly every day and she likes to work out almost every single day, no matter if her workout moves for 30 minutes or two hours. This is why Samara Weaving has that excellent slim body shape and flexibility, and her yoga workout can go everywhere from an hour to two.

Samara Weaving Diet Plan

The diet plan of Samara Weaving is quite a unique diet plan. She eats what she needs by listening to her body. Samara Weaving said that she examines to listen to her body when it comes to food. If her body can go on fruit for three days, then she will consume fruit the whole day, and at night she will eat rice and salad.

After that, she will go back to consuming pasta and other stuff for the next three days. Sometimes that three days changes to 2 weeks if she is doing a bikini scene soon or has a photo shoot. Samara Weaving also takes a lot of water and liquid stuff during the day to keep her body hydrated and strong.

This is all about the Samara Weaving diet plan.


Samara Weaving is an actor and model, and she gained fame after her role in the series. The exceptional about Samara Weaving is her body. Samara Weaving performs lots of workouts which helps her to be in a perfect body shape. Her diet also incorporates healthy food that actually keeps her fit. Her fans also do the same exercise which he’s them to have a body shape like Samara Weaving.