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Roger Federer Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a popular Swiss tennis player who already has asked for his space in the tennis arena strongly. The talented tennis player is currently headed world No. 3 men’s singles tennis by the ATP. He was also the No.1 player in the ATP for a record whole of 320 weeks. In addition, Roger won 20 Grand Slam singles titles that are the greatest in history for a male tennis player. He has retired from tennis now.

Born in Basel, a city on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland Roger Federer was embraced by mother earth on the 8th of August, 1981. Her father is Robert Federer as well as her mother is Lynette Ferderer.

Roger Federer Body Stats

Height6 ft
Weight72 kg
Chest38 inches
Waist30 inches
Biceps14 inches
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Sexual OrientationStraight

Roger Federer Workout Routine

He has a great physique, and Roger Federer’s exercise routine is very well known amongst fitness enthusiasts. Roger Federer workout includes:

Warm-up with skipping and jogging

  • He begins his workout session with a rope, He starts hopping at normal speed and then gradually doubles its speed. It is very great for cardiovascular fitness. He then jogs, taxing different muscles, to let the leg muscles go, Jogging and skipping are both a significant part of Roger Federer’s training program.

Medicine Ball Shuffle

  • With the training associate in the court office, the medicine ball is shuffled back also forth. It works identically on the upper body and core.

Exercise bands and taper exercises

  • To improve his footwork, Roger Federer makes sure to include the cone drill in his exercise regime, Additionally, he also used sports bands to improve his performance. He seldom puts a band between his legs while doing activities to strengthen his leg muscles.

Cone exercises

  • Without a cone drill practice, no tennis workout is complete, in it you ought to do zig-zagging around the cone.

Volley on the Trampoline

  • This exercise helps the player to get to the highest balance during the matches and when he trains himself, it goes to the maximum.

 Racket Drill

  • Exercises presented with the help of balls and rackets are a certainly different major part of their workout regime. in one before-mentioned practice, three balls are thrown at him, one at a time and Rogger has to hit all three bouncing a second time.

This is all about the workout routine of Roger Federer.

Roger Federer Diet Plan

Roger Federer the famous tennis player does not replace any fixed diet. He has a big breakfast in which he adds a lot of carbs to fuel himself, and he destroys every few hours. He also eats snacks in his free time or in the evening. Protein bars and bananas are his popular snacks of him, He likes to eat fresh and washed foods.

Roger Federer diet includes:

  • Roger Federer goes for fairly endemic food and eats every 2-3 hours and presents sure to eat on time.
  • He has made a high-carb, wholesome fat snack to fuel their system for the remainder of the day. This may carry low-fat milk and grains.
  • Lunch in Roger Federer’s diet incorporates lean proteins for his muscles and is regularly a light dinner.
  • Federer announced at the Australian Open 2017 that he could not control himself from eating ice cream and chocolate once.
  • He makes sure to relax 10 hours a day to help his body recover fully plus is set for the next day.

This is all about the diet plan of Roger Federer.

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Roger Federer is a famous and very capable skilled tennis player. Roger has got a certain healthy and fit body. He does lots of exercises which help him to be in a classic body shape. His diet also adds healthy meals that keep him fit.