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Rapper BI’s Workout and Diet Plan

Rapper BI's Workout and Diet Plan

Kim Han-bin, better known by his stage name B.I. (rapper), was born on October 22nd, 1996. B.I. is a South Korean singer-songwriter-rapper-executive director-record producer who has achieved international acclaim. B.I. is a member of the 131 labels, a part of IOK, which handles the music business for the corporation. In 2021, he made his solo music debut with his self-penned songs, including Midnight Blue (Love Streaming), Waterfall, and other stunning vocal performances.

Over 3.6 million people follow the Korean rapper on Instagram. The Melon Music Awards named the singer “songwriter of the year” in 2018. As a competitor, cast member, and guest, he has been on several high-profile television series. This Post Will Share rapper BI’s training regimen and diet plan among fans, so please continue reading.

Rapper BI Body Measurements

Height5 ft 9 inches
Weight68 kg
Age25 yrs
Chest40 inches
Waist32 inches

Workout Routine for Rapper BI

Rapper BI's Workout and Diet Plan

Rapper BI, who is just 25, is the most well-known celebrity his age. He has worked tirelessly to achieve this level of popularity and recognition. In the eyes of his adoring admirers, this Korean rapper exudes a sultry allure. He has millions of fans on social media who leave awe-inspiring comments on his photos.

Kim Han-bin, better known to his fans as B.I., is a South Korean singer (rapper). He follows a strict fitness regimen to preserve his slender and youthful appearance. He goes to the gym at least once a week for an hour, five days a week. B.I.’s program is a one-stop shop for anybody looking for an excellent fitness plan to get a well-toned physique. To stay in peak physical condition, the talented rapper performs various exercises, including cardio and weight training.

Countless admirers have inquired as to South Korean rapper B.I.’s fitness regimen. So, for those who follow him as a fitness inspiration, we’ve put up a five-day-a-week training plan that combines strength and aerobic activities. So, this is how it goes.

Plan of Diet of Rapper BI

Rapper BI's Workout and Diet Plan

Nutritional meals and drinks are a mainstay of the famous diet of rapper B.I. To keep his body in a healthy state of hydration, the Korean singer only eats a diet heavy in protein and fiber. To maintain his body free of toxins, he rigorously avoids processed or junk meals, high carbohydrates and fats, dairy, alcohol, high sugars, chemical additives, and so on. B.I. (rapper) the diet plan is provided in full detail, so you can learn how he maintains his small shape and lovely demeanor while eating the right foods. Let’s take a closer look.

Dietary Guidelines for B.I. (rapper):


  • Porridge with pumpkin
  • Toast with avocado
  • two chicken breast pieces
  • two little sweet potatoes
  • Juice from plants


  • a tiny serving of brown rice
  • three hard-boiled eggs
  • Samgyetang
  • 1 cup low-fat yogurt


  • Nuts
  • Shake with protein
  • Toast with blueberries


  • Kimchi (fermented vegetables)
  • Jjigae Sundubu (soft tofu stew)
  • Salads in various combinations

That’s what the cute Korean Rapper BI eating plan comprises. So, for those interested in his diet plan, it is described in full in the preceding paragraphs. The rapper’s lovely face and captivating charisma result from his healthy, well-balanced eating habits and a strict fitness routine that he follows daily.