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Randall Park Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Randall Park Workout

Randall Park is an American actor, comedian, and writer who is best known for his roles in Fresh Off the Boat, as Kim Jong-Un in The Interview, Veep, Aquaman, as Jimmy Woo in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and WandaVision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in the Netflix film Always Be My Maybe with Ali Wong.

Randall has written many plays and scripts over the course of his career. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA, with a focus on creative writing. Randall Park is not only a funny and smart actor, but he also works out a lot.

Even though we did a lot of research on Randall Park’s workouts and diet, this post is not exactly what he does. It is a collection of his thoughts on society, Randall’s interviews with him, and information from experts in the field.

What We Know Now

  • Height:‎ 5’9″
  • Weighs: 140 pounds
  • Age: 48 years old
  • Birthdate: March 23, 1974
  • Awards: Winner of the Halekulani Maverick Award and several nominations for Critics Choice Television Awards for Fresh Off the Boat.

Workout Principles

Randall Park spent a lot of his childhood playing sports with the other kids in his Los Angeles neighborhood. He was active as a child, which set him up to love and be passionate about fitness as an adult.

Randall Park Workout Routine

Randall Park’s fitness routine is a mix of strength training, low-impact walking, HIIT, and running. High-intensity interval training makes your heart and lungs stronger, lowers your blood pressure, and lowers your risk of getting sick from being overweight (i.e., diabetes, heart disease).

Randall Park Workout

Here is the Randall Park workout routine:

Monday – Outdoor Run

Randall Park loves to run, and you can often see him jogging through the streets of Los Angeles. Randall runs to clear his mind, ease his stress, and give himself time to think.

Tuesday: Strength training for the legs

Randal Park trains his lower body on Tuesday with this glute burner:

  • Fire hydrant (4 sets, 8 reps)
  • Single leg step-up (4 sets, 8 reps per leg) (4 sets, 8 reps per leg)
  • Split squat (4 sets, 8 reps)
  • Glute bridge (4 sets, 8 reps)
  • Walking lunge (4 sets, 12 reps)
  • Goblet squat (4 sets, 10 reps)
  • Deadlift (4 sets, 8 reps) (4 sets, 8 reps)
  • Lateral lunge (4 sets, 12 reps)

Wednesday – Outdoor Walk

Randall makes his Time to Walk segment while taking a 5-mile walk on Wednesday. Walking outside has a lot of health benefits. It can lower blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease and other illnesses, help you lose weight, and strengthen your bones.

Randall Park is one of the “Time to Walk” guests on Apple Fitness +. In this narrated class, he shares his favorite fitness routines with subscribers in the form of pre-recorded workouts that are meant to help people get into a regular fitness routine.

The goal of Apple Fitness’s technologies and classes is to make working out fun and inspire all of its subscribers to live healthier lives.

Thursday – Upper Body Strength Training

Randall Park goes to the gym on Thursday and does this hard upper body strength training workout.


  • 10-minute jog on the treadmill
  • Pull-up (3 sets, 8 reps) (3 sets, 8 reps)
  • Three sets of 10 push-ups.
  • Lat pull-up (3 sets, 15 reps)
  • Row a dumbbell (3 sets, 15 reps)
  • Curl hammer (3 sets, 12 reps)
  • Triceps stretch (3 sets, 12 reps)
  • Sit-up (3 sets, 12 reps)
  • Crackle (3 sets, 12 reps)
  • Oblique crunch (3 sets, 12 reps)

Friday – HIIT Training

On Friday, Randall Park does a hard HIIT workout. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular cardio workout because it works very well and quickly.

HIIT training burns fat speeds up your metabolism, helps you lose weight, and doesn’t need any equipment. Here’s an example of a HIIT workout that Randall Park could do:

  • 5 minutes of jumps on the battle rope
  • Tuck jump (3 sets, 30 seconds)
  • Squat jump (3 sets, 30 seconds)
  • Burpee (3 sets, 30 seconds)
  • Climber of mountains (3 sets, 30 seconds)
  • Plank skater (3 sets, 30 seconds)
  • Jump lunge (3 sets, 30 seconds)
  • Jumping jack (3 sets, 30 seconds)
  • Jump rope (3 sets, 1 minute)

Rest for one minute between each set, and do a total of three sets.

Saturday – Run

Randall Park loves trying new exercises, but he also knows what works best for him, and running is one of them. Randall likes to go for a long run around his LA neighborhood every Saturday.

Sunday – Day of Rest

Randall Park has the day off on Sundays so that he can spend time with his wife and young daughter.

Randall Park’s Diet

Park knows that the best way to be in top physical shape is to eat right. He tries to eat mostly lean protein, fruits and vegetables, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Randall might sneak in a piece of candy once in a while, but he stays away from processed foods and refined sugars in general.

Randall Park has a young daughter, and he tries to show her what a healthy diet looks like and why it’s so important.

Here is Randall Park’s diet:


  • Green smoothie with protein powder
  • Fresh fruit
  • Toasted whole wheat


  • Grilled chicken bowl with quinoa
  • Garden Salad


  • Whole wheat pasta with marinara
  • Meatballs from turkey
  • Sautéed veggies


Randall Park works hard in the gym, and he relies on a few vitamins and supplements to keep him strong, focused, and energized throughout the day.

Here are some extras that Randall might take:

  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • Multivitamin
  • B12


Randall Park loves making his fans laugh and finding ways to inspire and encourage people. He thinks he can get through any tough workout as long as he has a good playlist of old hip-hop songs.

Randall’s defining moments in life are the times when he overcame obstacles and kept going until he reached his goals. Park uses this same point of view in his job and when he faces other mental challenges in his life. He is strong in both mind and body, which makes all the difference.

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