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Patrick Holford Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Patrick Holford is an entrepreneur and an author of British. Patrick approved a range of controversial vitamin tablets. Patrick appears regularly on television and radio in the UK and abroad because he is an advocate of alternative nutrition and diet methods.

He has celebrated his 75 birthday this year. In 29 languages he has printed 36 books. Patrick’s business career promotes a variety of alternative medical approaches, while many of which are considered pseudoscientific by mainstream science and medicine.

Patrick Holford Body Stats

eye colorbrown
hair colorgrey

Patrick’s diet plan

Patrick has lots of diet advice which includes the Low Glycemic Load Diet and the Hybrid Diet. The glycemic index is used to measure the effect foods have on your blood sugar levels. Holford recommends the ketogenic phase be performed in a month.

In the Hybrid Diet, Patrick combines low GL foods with high fat in order to produce ketones and lose weight.

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Patrick’s Diet Details

Patrick has given the details about his diet plan to motivate people to stay fit.

Mathematical Meals

Patrick’s Hybrid Diet allows for 3 meals per day one snack in addition. He consumes the carbs which come from low-carb veggies with half a plate filled with them. He takes protein one-quarter of the plate which fits into the palm of his hand. In this way, he calculates his meals.

Figure Your Fats

Patrick constitutes 10 units of fats in his diet. He only takes the fats that come from quality sources such as nuts, avocados, ghee, eggs. and the like.

Go Low On Simple Carbs

He likes to consume simple carbs which are limited to a glycemic load of 15 per day. It should still be high quality, such as blueberries, oatmeal, or bulgur wheat.

Intermittent Fasting

Patrick suggests experimenting with restricted eating. Such as he recommends having dinner at 6 and then not eating again until lunchtime the next day. He allowed a hybrid latte in the morning.

He eats

  • Low Glycemic food

  • Low carbs vegetables
  • ghee
  • avocado
  • oatmeals
  • meat in moderate
  • lemon juice
  • Nuts

Patrick’s avoids

  • pastries
  • sugar
  • chips
  • French fries
  • artificial ingredients
  • junk foods

This much is Patrick Holford’s diet plan and his diet details.

Holford’s workout plan

Holford follows a strict workout plan

 Patrick Holford Fat-Burning Exercise Routine

Holford hired  Kate Staples who is a record-breaking athlete to help him come up with a routine. He does exercises to effectively burn fat. He performs  3 30-minute aerobic sessions per week, one every other day. Alternatively, he performs resistance sessions 3 to 8 min daily.

He also performs aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, riding a bike, or whatever suits his fancy. He also incorporates HIIT, an interval of 30-40 seconds on, 60-80 seconds off.

For the resistance portion, He performs  2 rounds of each of these 4 exercises, holding for about a minute each, taking a  rest between sets.

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Wall Sit

It targets Chest, back & core. He does  45 seconds x 2 sets.
If this is too challenging for beginners, he suggests sliding up and down the wall for 45 seconds. It helps in building your strength until you can hold steady in the sitting position.

Modified Box Press

Patrick performs this exercise for the chest, back, and core.

Plank step-outs

He performs this exercise for 45 seconds of 2 sets.

Alternate reverse lunge

this exercise targets quads, hamstrings & glutes. It should be done 45 seconds x 2 sets.


Patrick Holford is an author and entrepreneur. He follows a strict diet including intermediate fasting for staying fit and healthy. He has written 36 books that are printed in 29 different languages.