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Monika Radulovic Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

Monika Radulovic workout

Monika Radulovic is a well-known Australian model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Australia 2015 and defined Australia at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. Her birthday is September 20, 1990, and she was born in Zavidovici, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Monika Radulovic was born to a family Goran and Vinka in the ex-Yugoslav Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Her family came to Australia as an escape from the Bosnian War when she was 4 years old. Monika Radulovic qualified with honors in Psychology at Western Sydney University. Monika Radulovi has maintained her body very well despite her busy schedule. tune in last to know about Monika Radulovic Workout Routine & Diet Plan

In August 2018, it was disclosed that Radulovic would be engaging in Australian Survivor. Champion vs Contenders and would be part of the Winners tribe.

Well, it doesn’t matter how you know her. What you cannot deny is that Monika Radulovic has obtained a healthy body, a better-seeking figure, and a powerful mind. However, if you are curious to notice the exercise secrets and diet plan of the diva, then you are in luck. Here, you can notice Monika Radulovic workout and diet plan.

Monika Radulovic Height & Weight

Age32 years
Height178 cm (5’10”) or 1.78 m
Weight61 kg or 134.5 lbs
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourHazel

Planning in Advance

The stunner lived on the island for nearly 50 days and had no entrance to any beauty or health products. As she knew she was moving to do the show, she arranged in advance and dosed up on heaps of vital vitamins. She concentrated severe on vitamins B and C to raise her immunity and get an edge.

Monika Radulovic Workout

However, the exercise secrets of the beauty include training F45 at least four times a week in which her instructor supports her out to help her form and assure that she is executing the right thing. She also understands that relaxation is very important. And hence moves for a walk when she feels that her body requires some rest.

Monika Radulovic workout
Monika Radulovic

Other Exercise Preferences

Monika also admires variation in her exercises. She admires striking the gym severe often because she is not better at motivating herself to work out at home. She admires trying different workout procedures that may include but are not limited to x-Train HIT sessions, yoga, weight training sessions, reformer Pilates, and cardio dance sessions.

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Finding Balance

The TV star thinks that it’s essential to find balance when it nears to fitness. She balances it by executing some yoga after she has had a HIIT class. Because HIIT often strains the body while yoga calms her down. She has looked great results by merging high-intensity training with gentle forms of motion, which is in contrast with the familiar philosophy of forcing yourself to the limit every day at the gym.

Apart from the workouts mentioned above, a useful workout she favors is power walking. She moves for 10 km walks a few times a week. And listens to an audiobook or favored podcasts to retain her mind combined.

Monika Radulovic Diet Plan

The diet plan of the lovely lady contains having a few amounts of carbs, loads of fresh vegetables, and healthy fats in a day.

Breakfast: Her days normally begin with two scrambled eggs. That is prepared with sauteed spinach, avocado, sea salt, and coconut oil. She often attaches an almond cappuccino with some stevia to the breakfast menu to obtain some caffeine boost.

Lunch: It may include having a salad with salmon or cooked chicken. The dressing attached to it is normally plain olive oil.

Dinner: At night, she admires having bone broth with some chicken thighs and fresh vegetables.


The diet indulgence of the star may include snacking on berries, dark chocolate, nuts, or chocolate brownies built with zucchini. The dark chocolate she admires to have has 90% cacao, and the brownies are completely sugar-free.


She admires swallowing a lot of water throughout the day and begins her days with warm water with salt and lemon.

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