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Miles Bridges Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2023

Miles Bridges

Miles Bridges is a known American basketball player who plays the character of a small/Powerful striker in the National Basketball Association. A resident of Michigan, he completed his college career including the Spartans of Michigans State University. The star of the Charlotte Hornets was born on 21th of March 1998 as Miles Emmanuel Bridges in Flint, Michigan. He was born to African-American parents Raymond Bridges including his wife Cynthia Bridges.

Miles Bridges was drawn to the 2018 NBA draft combine trials, where he dispensed first-class Performance. Amazingly, he was named the greatest top small forward in the state of Michigan in his last season, and his versatility is totally fascinating.

Miles Bridges Body Stats

Height6 ft 6 inches
Weight102 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes ColorBrown

Miles Bridges Workout Routine

The workout routine of a small forward is surprisingly crazy and awesome to just watch. Literally, you can feel great by just watching them train, Miles is also enlightening super hard and he is in super amazing form. Just like others, he begins off with warming up the body and then goes amazing court running which gets your blood running inside your body.

Miles Bridges workout includes:

Dribbling Workout

He starts off with dribbling practice, dribbling the ball all over the court front to back, side to side all the way. This is an essential part of anyone’s training routine. Dribbling is the foundation of basketball and the extra you practice it the greater connection you have with the ball while playing.

Ball Handling

It looks kind of related to dribbling and it is a lot similar but here he gets on with dribbling bald focusing on not spending grips while getting balls within his legs, etc. If you can’t handle the ball well you won’t be capable to play.

Form shooting

Next up shooting, he agrees to form shooting, These all are the basics of basketball which each payer has to do no matter what position you play in. He stays on shooting from every side to get a great shooting form also accuracy. More exercise routine of Miles Bridges is presented below.

One on one

Now, he practices with one defender going one-on-one devising him, and going for a layup or a hook shot. that is what gives you the exact match feel.

Step back shoot

Now while doing one on one shoots from using one step back rather than going for a layup. This is when he can’t get past the defender and execute a shot.

Dunk Workout

This is the coolest shot regarding, now a small forward won’t be considered a foremost if he can’t dunk right? He practices a group of dunks. Knowing past defenders coming to dunk.

Weight Training

The weight training of Miles Bridges is concentrated on getting explosiveness and strength not get him bulk. So when he does go to the gym to work out he concentrates on ongoing strong with fewer reps and giving every rep as explosive as he can make, He focuses numerous on chest, core, and lower body exercises. To become a greater athlete in basketball.

This is all about the workout routine of Miles Bridges.

Miles Bridges Diet plan

The diet plan of Miles Bridges’s kinda ingenious and like all of the others. His diet includes:

  • The diet contains milk products, chicken, turkey, salad, and other veggies.
  • He takes lots of water like gallons of water in a day and tries to eat 5 meals a day.
  • The meals are normally rich in protein and have sufficient amounts of carbs and vitamins.
  • Miles Bridges does necessitate protein shakes when working out in the gym.

This is all about the diet plan of Miles Bridges.


Miles Bridges is the MVP of the team he’s slaughtering in the NBA. He just continues getting better and better by doing lots of workouts. His diet also includes a healthy diet that really puts him fit. Most of his fan also does the same exercise which helps them to achieve a body shape like Miles Bridges.

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