Michelle Lewin Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Michelle Lewin is a well-known Venezuelan bodybuilder and fitness model who resides in Miami. Her birthday is February 25, 1986, and she was born in Maracay, Venezuela. She has a huge social media following with over 13 million followers on Instagram. She has also looked on severe magazine covers, including Playboy.

Here Michelle Lewin’s Workout Routine, Michelle Lewin’s diet plan, Michelle Lewin’s Height, Michelle Lewin’s Weight, and Michelle Lewin’s Body Measurement are described in detail.

Michelle Lewin’s Body Measurement (Body Stats)

Talking about Michelle Lewin’s height and weight, she stands at a height of 5 ft 4 inches and weighs around 61.2 kg. Moreover, she has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her body measurement is 36-25-36 inches.

Age35 years
Height5 ft 4 inches or 162.5 cm
Weight56.7 to 60.2 kg (125 to 135 lbs)
Bust Size36 inches
Waist Size25 inches
Hips Size36 inches
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourDark Brown

Michelle Lewin Workout Routine

Michelle makes sure to exercise two times a day. Heer exercises are split into two: cardio and strength training. In the morning time, she has 40-minutes of cardio training. In the evening, she executes some heavyweight exercises in the gym.

However, she credits all her victories to the clean diet that she consumes. In the past period, she was not very concentrated on her diet. But only her exercise routines and made sure she practiced solid and intense.

Her wealthy lifestyle habits, sculpted abs, and a svelte figure that builds her look like a Greek goddess have built her true rage amongst her female fans. Girls over the globe who crave to have a physique like hers obey her for tips and suggestions.

This is what her exercises roughly look like for the whole week:-

Workout Split

  • Monday: Quads, glutes
  • Tuesday: Back, biceps
  • Wednesday: Abs, calves
  • Thursday: Triceps, shoulders
  • Friday: Glutes, hamstrings
  • Saturday: Core and abs
  • Sunday: Rest day


  • Pull-ups (wide grip) 4×12
  • Pull-ups (normal grip) 4×10
  • Low Pulley Rows 4×12
  • T-bar Row 4×12
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curl 4×16
  • EZ bar Bicep Curl 4×12
  • Low Pulley Bicep Curl 4×12

Tuesday: Hamstrings and Calves

  • Lying Leg Curls 4×12
  • Placed Leg Curls 4×12
  • Deadlift 4×10-15
  • Placed calf raise 8×20
  • Standing calf raise 6×20

Wednesday: Triceps and Shoulders

  • Dumbbell Tricep Addition 6×12
  • EZ bar French Pin 4×12
  • Overhead Cable Tricep Addition 4×12
  • Barbell Seated Pin 4×10
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Pin 3×10
  • EZ bar Front Lifts 4×12
  • Dumbbell Flyes 4×10

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Thursdays are a choice rest day for her. If she feels that she has practiced enough or is super busy throughout the day, she admires taking the day off and finishing her chores instead.


  • Lunges 4 × 12
  • Barbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift 6 × 20
  • Single-Leg Press (each leg)
  • Squats 4 × 12

Saturday: Core

  • Hanging Crunches
  • Core Short Crunches 4 × 20
  • Short Crunches on Machine 4 × 20
  • Short Crunches on fit ball 4 × 20


Sundays are severely rest days for her where she admires to relax. But she attempts to be active by engaging in chores during the day.

Michelle Lewin Diet Plan

Michelle’s exercises are not that hardcore but she makes sure to consume them in a very balanced way. Michelle consumes small meals six times per day. Still, her diet plan is completely healthy. For example, she eats Stevia pancakes, egg whites, and unsweetened almond milk for breakfast which gives her fiber, carbs, and protein.  Michelle Lewin’s diet with hardcore training gives her outstanding results.

Sample Menu 1: Michelle Lewin’s Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: 6 egg whites, oatmeal with almonds, and strawberries.
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken breasts with roasted sweet potatoes and boiled broccoli with olive oil.
  • Snack: Pork chops with salad.
  • Dinner: Grilled salmon with brown rice and boiled asparagus.
  • Before sleep: Casein protein drink.

Sample Menu 2: Michelle Lewin’s Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: Protein pancake or oatmeal steamed overnight with chocolate peanut butter.
  • Snack 1: Avocado or tuna snack
  • Lunch: Chicken salad and Cashew or Noodle Salad with Sauce and Avocados
  • Snack 2: Marinated fish and seafood or a cup of protein yogurt
  • Dinner: Chicken with coconut and curry

FAQ about Michelle Lewin Workout Routine and Diet Plan

What does Michelle Lewin eat in a day?

Daily Diet:-

  • Meal 1: Oatmeal with Big Blend from Betancourt Nutrition
  • Meal 2: Ham with Swedish Crackers (Wasa)

Does Michelle Lewin do cardio?

In the morning period, Michelle Lewin does 40-minutes of cardio training.  


So, if you want a fit and healthy body like Michelle Lewin you have to Exercise Daily, Eat the Right Foods and Protein Each Meal, Keep Track of Calories and Food Intake Per Day, Stay Motivated, Keep Track of Calories and Food Intake Per Day

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