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MattDoesFitness Workout Routine And Diet Plan

MattDoesFitness is a YouTube personality created by Matt Morsia, a fitness vlogger from the United Kingdom. What began as a creative outlet quickly evolved into a significant career shift from PE teacher to full-time YouTube sensation.MattDoesFitness, the most popular vlogger in the United Kingdom, creates content for the fitness community, such as supplement reviews, fitness challenges, “day in the life” updates, and other lifestyle and family content.

Although we researched MattDoesFitness’ diet and exercise regimen, this article does not contain his exact workout routine. It gives an overview of what Matt does during training, based on his own observations and information from others in the industry.

Current Stats

Height5 ft 7 inch
Weight205 pounds
Age36 yrs
Achievements2.14 million YouTube subscribers, 1 million Instagram followers, published author of The 24/7 Body, second place in the 2016 European Powerlifting Championships

MattDoesFitness Workout Principles

Be patient and consistent when working out to lose weight. Reduce your calorie intake and find activities you enjoy to make working out less intimidating. His videos recommend various ways to create a home gym and what weights and equipment are the most beneficial for those who prefer working out at home over going to the gym.

Strength training combined with cardio is the quickest and safest way to lose weight, establish a consistent routine, and avoid injury or bad habits.

MattDoesFitness’ Workout Routine

Matt built his YouTube channel by imitating the workouts of famous bodybuilders, boxers, and other athletes. Much of this workout routine is based on Conor McGregor’s training program, which MattDoesFitness attempted in one of his more popular fitness videos.

While MattDoesFitness rose to prominence by completing fitness challenge videos, we have no doubt that he is dedicated to his own fitness journey and regularly incorporates these types of strength training and conditioning exercises.

Diet of MattDoesFitness

Matt commits to a heavy weightlifting workout routine and takes care of his body by eating fairly clean to achieve those famous abs of steel. He doesn’t go into much detail, but he has admitted to having an eating disorder while training for the 2012 Olympics. He has since recovered and made significant efforts to improve his relationship with food.

Matt consumes clean foods such as lean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and as many vegetables as he can fit into each meal. He enjoys a cheat meal, naming pizza, cake, and McDonald’s as his favorites.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned bodybuilder, MattDoesFitness has something useful to add to your workout routine. His physique is proof that he’s doing something right, and his legs, abs, and shoulders are legendary.

Matt moves his body every day of the week, whether he’s making a fitness challenge video or working out in the gym.