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Mark Tuan Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2023

Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan is back in the KPop spotlight for the Music Video for his new single “imysm,” which came out on July 1, 2022. He is the oldest member of the Korean boy band GOT 7. GOT 7 is one of the most popular KPop boy bands and has been in the news for various reasons. After taking a short break, the band got a lot of attention when they got back together, as did the singles each member put out on their own. All of the members of the band have their vibe and have a lot of fans on social media sites. We’ve already talked about most of these members’ fitness routines in other posts.

Mark Tuan Body Stats

Height5 ft 9 inches
Weight65 Kg
Age28 years
Biceps14 inches
Shoulders34 inches

Mark Tuan’s Workout Routine

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Mark Tuan has been physically active almost all of his life. He seems to enjoy being active very much. He has also worked in the modeling industry, which requires extra care for physical health. Mark’s history as a Martial Artist is another interesting fact. The KPop star and lead singer of GOT 7 have been a martial artist for a long time, which explains why he has a strong body.

Mark Tuan’s workout routine consists of:

Mixed Martial Arts

Many martial artists and people interested in the sport said that Mixed Martial Arts changed their lives. People have thought practicing different martial arts is an excellent way to grow spiritually. So, it has more benefits than just being a perfect way to work out. Mark Tuan has been trained in “Tricking,” a modern martial art that combines aerobic movements with martial arts. Recently, he also surprised his fans by showing off his “Tricking” skills at an event.


Mark Tuan also takes time to do things he enjoys, like swimming. This hobby helps him stay fit, toned, and agile. Swimming strengthens your upper body, tones your body, burns extra fat, improves your balance and posture, and helps you build muscles all over your body. It’s great for your heart and lungs, and building muscle lets you burn calories even when you’re not moving. So, if you can, try to add swimming as a stress-relieving activity once a week, and you’ll soon start to enjoy it.


It is an essential part of training for any K-pop idol. Mark told Cosmopolitan in an interview that the training and music were new and very hard for him. But complex things make us stronger, and Mark is not only a great dancer thanks to his training with JYP Entertainment but also a skilled KPop idol. This is an excellent piece of advice.


Mark’s upper body is strong and in good shape. If you want to look like this, you should focus on upper body exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. They also make you stronger and give you a more masculine shape.

All of this is about Mark Tuan’s workout schedule.

Mark Tuan Diet Plan

Mark Tuan

Mark loves to eat, and his favorite kind of food is Asian. His eating habits aren’t always very healthy, but he usually tries to eat mostly healthy food.

On the Mark Tuan Diet Plan, there are:


As we looked through Mark Tuan’s Instagram page, we couldn’t help but notice his water bottles in the background of his selfies. Everyone knows that staying hydrated is good for the skin. Being well-hydrated also removes toxins and improves how nutrients and blood move through the body. But drinking enough water also helps you get a good night’s sleep, which is essential for weight loss and your health in general.


Mark Tuan likes a full breakfast that has a lot of different tastes. He often eats beef, pork, eggs, and Ramen for breakfast.


He eats carbs for lunch, like pasta, sticky rice, and Sinigang soup, which is mainly made of pork, beef, and fish.


His dinner is also lovely, with a great hotspot with meat, vegetables, seafood, dumplings, and potatoes. He also likes to eat Ramen, sausages, and rice cakes for dinner.


Mark Tuan likes snacks and comfort foods like Bingsu (Korean shaved ice), hamburgers, and soups. Mark’s diet is mostly meat, so it’s clear that it’s high in protein, which helps him stay ripped and toned. He seems to be doing well on this diet. We suggest that you slowly change your diet and keep a balance of carbs, proteins, and fats in your diet. You should also stay away from extremes.

This is all about Mark Tuan’s Diet.


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