Mark Sisson Work Out Routine And Diet Plan

Mark Sisson is a distance runner, a triathlete, and a former endurance athlete. Sisson was also qualified for the 1980 US Olympic Trials for the marathon. He was born on July 20, 1953. Currently, he is 68 years old. In the 1982 Ironman competition, he stood the fourth position.

Sisson is also a food blogger who has a food blog about the paleo diet called ‘Mark’s Daily Apple. He wants to inspire people to become passionate about good health with as little pain and sacrifice as possible. Mark is the best-selling author of several books. He has also worked for 15 years as a volunteer chairman of anti-doping and drug-testing of the Triathalon Union. He has also worked as a liaison to the International Olympic Committee.

Mark Sisson Body Stats

Height5 feet 10 inches
weight164 lbs
hair colorgrey
eye colorblue
chest sizenot available

Mark Sisson Diet Plan

Mark Sisson loves to eat a paleo diet and has  also developed  his own version called ‘The Primal Blueprint.’ It includes high vegetables and fat and moderate protein. Generally, proteins come from natural, grass-fed, local sources.

Sisson consumes carbs that contain a lot of fiber and nutrients. He also takes seasonal fruits and is locally grown ones. While he avoids oversize, highly-cultivated fruits. He also takes some supplements carbs.

Sisson’s diet details

Mark has given his diet details to follow for healthy weight management.

The Primal Blueprint Diet

 Sisson loves to eat only whole, natural unprocessed foods, preferably locally sourced. The primal diet is the diet that is based on what our forefathers ate before the agricultural revolution.

Avoid Sugar and Grains

Sisson cuts out both grains and sugar, which will automatically be lower his carb intake.

Prioritize Protein

Protein helps in rebuilding and repairing all types of tissues in the body. Primal meals os Mark focus on protein.

Diet Matters More than Exercise

Sisson suggests staying on diet rather than doing exercise. We can get the body of the desired shape by maintaining a healthy diet.

Mark’s avoids

  • Processed foods
  • sugar
  • Soft drinks including diet soda
  • Trans fats
  • Artificial ingredients

Mark Sisson workout plan

Sisson daily workout routines are given below;


 On Sunday he performs Ultimate Frisbee. He also does his favorite activity.


After a hard session done on Sunday, Mark takes his time getting out of bed Monday morning. He might perform a 30-minute stationary bike ride to get the metabolic benefits. He also does  45-55 minutes of chest, shoulders, and triceps training.


He does 35-40 minutes on the Lifecycle. In addition to 5×1 minute intensive intervals.


 He does weight on Wednesday. He performs 45-55 minutes of the back, biceps, and leg training.


 On Thursday, Mark performs Sprints at the beach.


He performs weight training for 45-55 minutes. He also repeats the same exercise as of  Monday and Friday.


 Sisson hikes for  2+ hours. If he wants to travel, Sisson will repeat his Lifecycle routine.


Mark performs  3 strength training sessions each week which involves free weights, machines, bodyweight exercises, and other equipment including kettlebells, resistance bands. He performs this high-intensity session only for a short duration.


Mark Sisson is an American fitness author and a food blogger. He is a multitalented personality. In 2001, Mark has published his fifth book named Two meals a day. He is also the co-founder of a brand primal kitchen. He suggests people focus on both diet and exercise to stay fit.

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