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Mark Hyman, M.D Diet and Workout Plan

Mark Hyman diet

Mark Hyman is a New York Times, bestselling author and an American physician. Hyman was born on November 22, 1959. Currently, Mark is 62 years old. He is the founder of The UltraWellness Center and was also a columnist for The Huffington Post. Hyman was a regular donator to the Katie Couric Show until the show’s cancellation. He writes a blog called The Doctor’s Pharmacy. This examines many topics related to human health and welfare.

Mark is a proponent of functional medicine. He is also the board president of clinical affairs of the Institute for Functional Medicine and was also the editor-in-chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. Hyman promotes a diet called paganism, called a fad diet by some dieticians.

Hyman Diet Plan

Mark eats real and whole food to stay fit and healthy. He follows the Pegan diet which is a combination of Paleo and vegan. Mark believes this diet offers him the best of both worlds. He loves to eat whole, real food. He consumes both Paleo and vegan foods that don’t raise blood sugar, detoxify the system and contain lots of antioxidants.

Hyman also eats healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and olive oil. He avoids or limits dairy, and doesn’t have too many starchy vegetables or fruit. He chooses only low-mercury fish that is sustainably farmed or caught wild. His plan is a diet for life.

Marks diet details

Avoid Sugar

  • He avoided anything that causes insulin levels to spikes, such as sugar, flour, and refined carbs. Hyman looks at sugar as a recreational drug. He consumes it sometimes, sparingly, but not regularly feature in his diet.

Eat Plants

  • Hyman’s diet contains more veggies, the more colorful, the better. He does not eat too much of the starchy kind like sweet potatoes and winter squashes. He also wants to aware people as it is as potatoes are starch.

Gluten Be Gone

  • Hyman avoids most gluten that comes from ‘Frankenwheat’.He rather looks for heirloom varieties such as einkorn. He eats any gluten replacement grains sparingly because they still raise blood sugar.

Just Say No to GMOs

  • Mark wants people to steer clear of chemicals, additives, preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners, and other junky ingredients.

Hyman loves to eat

  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Olive Oil
  • Organic Eggs
  • Grass-Fed meat

Hyman avoids

  • sugar
  • refined carbs
  • junk food
  • gluten

This is all about Mark Hyman diet plan.

Hyman workout plan

Hyman performs exercise daily to stay fit and healthy.

Get Moving

 Half of Americans have a sedentary lifestyle and a whopping 88% do not get enough exercise. Mark told that it has created an epidemic of broken bodies and broken brains. Hyman isn’t picky he does whatever kind of exercise he enjoys.

Just 30 Minutes

Hyman starts each day with a half-hour of moderate exercise and also motivates people to do so. It can have an extraordinary effect on the rest of your day, including balancing brain chemistry, blood sugar, and hormones. He as well as starts jumping which boosts his metabolism to make better choices all day long.

Make It A Priority

Hyman suggests to makes exercise easy and fitting one own self. Such as setting out your sneakers and exercise clothing so that everything is easily accessible.

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Hyman has got a simple diet plan which he follows to stay healthy. He has also written a book on how to detox the body in 10 days which is loved by all. He also takes different supplements to maintain his health.