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Mariah Carey Workout Routine & Diet Plan


Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a net worth of over 300 million. Born in New York, Carley is popularly known for her five-octave vocal range, melismatic singing style, and signature use of the whistle register. Furthermore, the Guinness World Records titled her the songbird supreme.

Mariah Carey has an incredible physique. She does various workouts and eats a healthy diet to maintain her fitness. Here is what Mariah Carey’s workout routine and diet plan look like.

Mariah Carey Body Measurement

Weight65 kg
Age51 years
Breast39 inch
Waist28 inch
Hips36 inch
Dress size6 US
Shoe size9 US

Mariah Carey Workout Routine

So their workout routine Marey Carey is not revealed; she did say something about her workouts, like how she likes to do aerobics and resistance training. Mariah Carey stated that she works out three times a  week, and her workout consists of lots of swimming and pool exercises. She exercises for 90 minutes, which is what her body is doing right now.

Mariah Carey also declared in her interview that she loves to work out in the swimming pool, and for cardio, she does swimming only. She said swimming or working out in a collection gives you a resistance that supports you to work your muscle twice as much as you would on the ground. Her exercise routine includes:

Water Aerobics Exercise

One of the reasons behind her great shape is her water workout, in which she does aerobics exercises. That gets her body in form, gives her more strength, and makes her muscle stronger. So if you have a pool, you can also attend this routine by just searching up an aerobic exercise on Youtube that you would like to do and diving into your swimming pool.

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Chest Workout

She does work her chest workout in a swimming pool only. When you perform breaststroke, In a way, your shoulders and chest exist a lot. The deeper you go in the pool and do the breast, the better result. So she does lots of laps by performing just breaststroke and working her chest and shoulders.

Legs Workout

When swimming, your legs automatically operate while you stroke them. You can make your legs work more by performing squats inside the pool while trying to be very stable. You can also go on the shallow side and do squats, jumps, and calf raises; everything you do in water improves outcomes.

Weight Training

Mariah Carey performs trains with weights as well but very little only. Most of her weight training is just for working her butt and thighs. Besides that, she gets excellent results through her swimming and water aerobics.

Mariah Carey Diet Plan

Mariah Carey’s diet plan is the mystery behind her body, as she eats only 1500 calories in a whole day. She consumes protein food, fruits, and vegetables most of the time and tries to eat as few carbs as possible. She takes a lot of water the whole day. Her diet plan includes:

Breakfast Meal

Mariah Carey gets some bread and an omelet with her preferred fruit for breakfast.


At lunch, Mariah Carey loves to have protein food like fish or chicken. She prefers salmon and chicken breast.


Mariah Carey usually eats fruits or boiled veggies; she tries to obtain them as light as possible.

Dinner Meal

Swordfish and green veggies like spinach. Mariah Carey tries to eat no more than 1500 calories a day; her diet plan does not have much to reveal. So take a lot of water, eat 1500 calories, and work out 90 minutes in your swimming pool, and you as well will be capable of getting a body like Mariah Carey.

FAQ Regarding Mariah Carey

What does Marie Carey eat in a day?

  • She is working out daily and eating clean, whole food with a focus on vegetables. She has cut out chocolate and other sweets; when she desires, she eats little bits of fruit, like some blueberries or mangos. She has also skipped out on carbs and bread.

Did Mariah Carey lose her weight?

  • For those who don’t recognize it, gastric sleeve surgery reduces the size of your stomach, so you can’t eat as much as you can. The singer has dropped over 30 pounds since her surgery late last year. However, a healthy diet and exercise are still necessary to lose weight.

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