10 Gorgeous Fall Makeup Trends For A Beautiful Look

Those hot and humid summer days are done, and we can finally let ourselves put on some makeup that’s going to stay on. Most of us have been pretty used to our makeup-free faces for all those months of quarantine, but now it’s time to dig out those makeup brushes, vivid eyeshadows, and bold lipsticks. This fall is all about striking colors and accentuated eyes (we’re still wearing masks, after all) with a touch of blush here and there. Prepare yourself for juicy reds and vivid blues because the fall is here, and the reverse is dull!
Fall is the moment when everything begins to fade, including your face! Autumn is here, but that doesn’t mean your skin should look dull. To make it look new and sexy, apply more blush than you would usually have done during the bright and vibrant summer days. Put some on the bridge of your nose for a beautiful sun-kissed look.

Twiggy’s lashes

Channel your inner Twiggy with some retro lashes that attract all your attention to your eyes. These chunky lashes add chic glamor to almost any look that makes you feel relaxed and playful. Look for a particular mascara that can be layered to create this classic Twiggy look.

Green shadow of the eyes

Khakis, dark browns, and greens are all in rage this season. From soft tortoiseshell colors to vivid emeralds, all shades of green are hitting the Internet hard, and we’re excited about this trend. Mix beautifully different shades of green to produce gorgeous eye makeup, and don’t forget to share your result with the world!

Sweet liner

Often all you need for a flawless look is a teeny-thin amount of makeup. If you don’t feel like wearing a lot, highlight your eyes with a subtle eyeliner – go for a charcoal color instead of a more dramatic, bold black color that produces a more low-key effect. This will improve your smoldering beauty dramatically without appearing like you’re working too hard.

Disco Eye

This makeup trend is excellent for you if you feel it’s time to party (within the social distance guidelines). Disco eye makeup uses all sorts of glitter to produce a funky party look – you can play with tiny or larger glitters shaped like stars and flowers. Your imagination is limited! Apply some mascara to complete the look.

Full brows

You’re not going to surprise anyone with absolute and fluffy brows these days because, after months of sitting at home, we’ve all kinds of got them. Is that the reason that full browsing is a thing now? The fluffier they are, the stronger they are. Of course, you’ve got to keep them well-shaped, but this is undoubtedly a significant comeback for natural browsers.

Dolphin skin

Glowed-up dolphin skin may seem part of the warm summer days, but this dewy makeup trend will still be shared in the colder months. Choose a more subdued color palette for your eyes and lips, add some bronzer, and go! Also—don’t forget to prepare your skin with many highlighters and clear balm.

Blue Bold

This fall, quite a few bold colors hit the makeup scene, and bright blue is one of them. It used to be famous in the 1980s, and now it’s making a big comeback. You can wear it any way you like. Just make sure you use a good base to get the color out. You can also use a wet brush to layer it with an attractive result.

Experimental Line

Who said that you should only traditionally use your eyeliner? Apart from your upper and lower lash lines, you can add a few more lines for a groovy and experimental look. You can play with various colors to the desire of your heart. It will help you build an unusually glamorous look paired with some 1960s-inspired clothes.

Artistic eyes

Artistic makeup is becoming increasingly popular weekly, and people are creating fantastic cosmetic designs. If you feel like adding as many colors to your eyes as possible and want to play with various color combinations, do it! Try this aquarium rainbow makeup style, and you won’t regret it!