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Makenzie Raine Workout Routine & Diet plan 2023

Makenzie Raine

Makenzie Raine is a Model and also an Instagram star from St. Peterburg, Florida. She is well known for Instagram posts. Makenzie Raine was born on February 21, 2005, in St. Peterburg, Florida. She is very popular for her acts on Instagram. The younger generation especially follows her. She is soon going to be highlighted in modeling projects.

Mackenzie is one of the richest Instagram Stars and she took to the stage to gather around 400.4 k followers on Instagram. Mackenzie Raine is also one of the superstars of the future, the main credit for her being famous in small age should go to her modeling career which gave her character in her teenage.

Makenzie Raine Body Stats

Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight55 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Breast Size33 inches
Hip Size35 inches
Waist Size24 inches
Body typehourglass

Makenzie Raine Workout Routine

Makenzie likes to work out in the gym and essentially, she is fond of gymming as a teenager even. Although her workout routine and diet plan are not shown on her social media and neither in any of her interviews. But here we can see her workout exercises with the guidance of her Social handle.

Makenzie Raine Workout includes

HIIT Exercises

  • HIIT is great for completing your workouts early. Effective rather so that you can come home quickly and get your work done.
  • Do HIIT exercises on a rowing machine.
  • 3-minute 2-minute sprints with a slow 2-minute run within goals.

Makenzie Raine follows the HIIT exercise.

Bear Crawling

  • It is hard. It does not need any weight, but it does make you sweat in the gym.
  • To crawl the bear, use your hands and toes to crawl ahead making sure your knees and elbows touch the ground.Range (You can join or decrease scope depending on your ability)
  • The bear crept up to 30 meters and then walked straight back (Without rest) to the next workout. Makenzie Raine does have crawling exercises in the gym.

Backward bear creeps

  • Backward bears creep up to 30 meters, and then the next exercise (without rest) goes straight back and head. Makenzie Raine regards bear creeps exercise.

Burpee Broad Jump

  • To do this exercise, use your feet for strength and push yourself ahead. Once you have landed, head straight to the burpee and later repeat.Range (You can add or reduce range depending on your ability)
  • Burpee jumps up to 30 meters wide, then walks through (Without rest) to the next workout.

Crab Walk

  • You are creating yourself walking down the sidewalk, but that crab walk is not what you do here.
  • To do a crab walk, sit on the floor with your hands after your back and start bending your legs.
  • Then raise your hips up so that only your arms and legs are touching the ground and pushing them forward.

Range (You can add or eliminate range depending on your ability)

  • In this crabs walking run 30 meters, then go right back to the next workout (without rest)


  • If you feel totally tired and you like it, then you can stop it and do no further exercise.

Range (You can add or eliminate the range as per your ability)

  • 5 sets of 3 reps (1-minute rest among sets)

Romanian Deadlift

  • Bend to row
  • Reverse Curl
  • Squats

This is all about the workout routine of Makenzie Raine.

Makenzie Raine Diet Plan

Makenzie Raine follows 7 meals in a day which involve pre-training breakfast, post-training, Morning snack, lunch, evening snack, dinner, and night snack. Her diet includes:

  • Pre-Training Breakfast- 2 egg yolks and also 5 egg whites.
  • Post Training Breakfast- Oats with Berries and also Nuts.
  • Morning Snack- Protein shake with walnut butter banana, blueberry, and almond milk.
  • Lunch- With Oats, fruit or vegetable, grilled turkey, avocado, hummus, oatcake, and sweet potato.
  • Evening Snack- a protein bar with apple or pear.
  • Dinner – a small portion of protein with green vegetables
  • Night Snack- a protein shake including coconut milk and Brazilian nuts.

This is all about the diet plan of Makenzie Raine.


Makenzie Raine is an Instagram model and athlete who rose to popularity by sharing fashion and tennis photos. She is fond of gyming so her regular workouts help to make her body fit. Makenzie has lots of fan following who also do the same workout to have a body like her.

She also follows a healthy diet plan which helps her to remain in a perfect body shape. Makenzie is such an inspiring person to all of us as even at such a young age she has maintained her body stats perfectly.

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