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Maisie Williams Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

maisie williams

Maisie William is an English actress and dancer. She was born on 15th April 1997. At the age of 14, she debuted as Arya Stark in the series Game of Thrones. In 2014, Maisie Williams arrived in the first feature film, The Failing. Maisie is also an Internet Enterpreneur. She simultaneously do-launched and developed the social media platform, Daisie. This project’s primary purpose is to encourage collaboration between creators and artistic projects from various industries.

She is better known as Arya Stark, the character she is acting in the HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones since 2011. The role gained her several awards and also played a recurring role in doctor who as Ashildr in 2015. In counting to her television roles, she won the London Film Critics Circle Award for young actress of the Year for her in the mystery film, The falling in 2014.

Maisie Williams is the daughter of Hilary Pitt, who operated as a university course administrator. There is not a lot to distribute about her biological father as she is the youngest of four siblings James, Beth, and Ted Williams. She had spent most of the utmost of her early life in a three-bedroom council house in the village of Clutton, Somerset.

Maisie Williams Body Stats

Height5 ft 1inch
Weight51 KG
Body Measurements33-24-35
Body BuildSlim
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorDark Brown
Shoe Size5.5 (US)
Dress Size4(US)
Distinctive FeaturesShort stature,Thick eyebrows

Maisie Williams Workout Routine

The Maisie Williams workout routine often consisted of doing a lot of things, she played the role of the warrior in the series, and for that, she had to have an actually healthy body and know some fighting skills, In the series, Maisie Williams has given her expertise often, whether it is the knife flipping and different sword-fighting scenes.

At that time for years, she had studied professional sword fighting, and she used to rehearse with a master swordfighter to get excellent skills of sword fighting. No matter how many chances pass, that knife flipping skill of Maisie Williams is without difficulty, the most amazing scene ever. Currently, she is not playing sword fighting anymore as she is more focused on weight training, cardio, and yoga exercise. All these three join her workout routine, and this is how she keeps her body type.

maisie williams workout
Maisie Williams


Cardio is one of the ideas that Maisie Williams wanted to do in the interview, Maisie Williams said that she used to be a dancer following in the days, and she is expecting to get in shape just like that again. So, Maisie Williams does a set of cardio exercises like running on the treadmill, Stairmaster, biking, elliptical machine, etc. Maisie Williams performs cardio exercises regularly for about half an hour or sometimes even for an hour every day of her workout routine. This routine also serves as a warm-up routine to open up the muscle and blood flow through the body.

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Weight Training

Weight training is what puts her body strength maintained. She mostly presents exercises that are focused on overall body strength. Her method will consist of training with a kettlebell doing press, Squats, swings, etc. with a kettlebell. She also plays bodyweight exercises, like lunges, box Jump, squat jump, plank, push-up, etc.

Her workout routine designed in a way that will suit her body the best by her trainer. So we can not tell a lot regarding her workout routine, it keeps getting modified according to the roles she is about to play and what type she needs to maintain for the role. No matter what her goal is, Maisie Williams still exercises at least 5 days a week.

This is all regarding her workout routine.

Maisie Williams Diet Plan

Maisie Williams’s diet plan is like a journey behind when she was young and started Game of Thrones and was training like absurd. That time Maisie Williams would eat nearly everything she could, from pizzas to burgers and salad. She also stated in one of her interviews back at the time of Game of Thrones, when they were shooting, the most frequent thing that would be there for lunch for the whole cast was pizza, and that’s it. She managed to eat a lot of them while she was covered with blood and blades stuck in her hand.

Maisie William also shared her smoothie recipe on her Instagram story previously. So you can try this smoothie and add it to your diet plan.

  • Banana
  • Four dates
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • One cup of almond milk
  • One teaspoon of almond butter
  • Some ice

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