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Madison Lecroy Diet Plan & Workout Routine 2023


Madison Lecroy was born on 6th Oct 1990 in Greenville, South Carolina, United States .she has graduated from Carolina College in Hair Design. she is a television personality, and makeup expert as well as an actress. In southern charm, she is famous as an actress. Though she was a mother of a son, she managed to keep her public image and charm intact. 

Madison Lecroy Weight loss plan

She made a 30-day plan i.e. what to keep in the fridge for clean eating. Madison loses her weight by following a month-long plan, which sharply focuses on proteins Veggies, and healthy fats and does away with dairy, artificial sugars, and Alcohol.

At first, she avoids alcohol, carbs, and sugar. she cleared her fridge and “starting from scratch,” she stored jam-packed with eggs, greens, vegetables, and fruits consisting of natural carbs and sugars, not artificial ones.

Madison takes some of the healthy protein-packed meals for lunch and dinner, for instance, tuna on a bed of lettuce and lemon chicken with broccoli. she worked hard to be in shape. she does intense workouts. she’s been doing it with Gunnar Made, her personal trainer. She keeps the kitchen full of fresh foods and diets as she plans, which she uses to create healthy meals such as morning smoothies and vegetable-heavy dinners. she was  128.7 and after starting detox i.e.plant based diet and within four days, she loses her weight and have 125.6.

The Most important is that her body fat is down. she customizes a specific weight loss plan focusing on medications,  herbals, specific diets, types of exercise, and behavioral modification techniques. By following her weight loss plan which she had formulated, she got success on her weight loss journey.


Madison Lecroy is a hard-working and motivating person. Though she is an artist, actress, and makeup expert, she shared her ideas about fitness which is very inspiring.  she works hard to maintain her body figure. Madison Lecroy has always been one to share all of the details of her fitness routine and diet.

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