Mackenzie Davis Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Mackenzie Davis was born on the 1st of April, 1987 is a Canadian Actress, and also Model from Vancouver, British Columbia. She successfully made her part movie debut in Smashed. After that, she did the Awkward Moment, Blade Runner 2049, the F Word, and also Breathe In. She accepted a nomination in the Canadian Screen Awards.

She made her debut by working in a short film named Alex in 2011. Later in 2012, she was seen in films and TV shows called Smashed. She was selected at the Canadian Screen Award for the Category Best Supporting Actress for her Work in the F world. She succeeded the Best Actress award at the Tribeca film festival for US Narrative Feature and for the Monster Fest award for Best Execution in a feature film in Always Shine.

Mackenzie Davis Body Stats 

Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight62 kg
Waist24 inches
Hips34 inches
Body TypePear
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Mackenzie Davis Workout Routine 

Mackenzie Davis workout includes:

Interval Cardio Workout

Start the routine including some high-intensity interval training. For that, observe a 30 minutes cardio workout in which do two exercises, beginning with the treadmill and then switching to hydro-row. The interval training routine can be like this:

  • One and half minutes at a reasonable pace
  • Switch to 30 seconds sprinting

Circuit Routine

Now for weight training, Mackenzie Davis did more like superset training. Do a circuit routine where do more exercises, and for every circuit, you will need to replicate them three times. 

Circuit: 3

Exercise in each circuit: 4

Reps: 20

Sets of each exercise: 3

Rest time behind the circuit: 80 to 120 seconds


  • Weighted squats
  • Barbell squats
  • Banded crab walks
  • Leg press
  • Leg extension
  • Lunges
  • Calf raises
  • Seated calf raises


  • Push-ups
  • Chest press
  • Dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell flyes
  • Cable rows
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Dumbbell deadlifts
  • Ball plank in and out crunches
  • Cable wood chops
  • Side plank to a crunch


  • Banded squat walks
  • Leg curls
  • Curtsy lunge
  • Stiff leg deadlift
  • Single leg pushdown
  • Dumbbell sumo squats
  • Plank reach
  • Scissor kicks
  • Leg lifts up


  • Shoulder press
  • Lateral raises
  • Shrugs
  • Biceps curls
  • Barbell curls
  • Triceps pushdowns
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Plank twister
  • Plank to toe touch


  • Hack squats
  • Bulgarian squats
  • Hip thrusters
  • Hip abduction
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Side high plank
  • Stability ball plank
  • Toe touch crunches

This is all about the workout routine of Mackenzie Davis.

Mackenzie Davis Diet Plan 

Mackenzie Davis diet includes:


  • Oatmeal includes some almonds, berries, walnuts, and banana


  • Protein smoothie


  • Chicken breast
  • Veggies
  • A small bowl of rice

Evening Snack

  • Almonds or fruits


  • Salmon
  • Veggies
  • Salad
  • Sweet potato

This is all about the diet plan of Mackenzie Davis.

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Mackenzie Davis is an actress, producer, and also model known for her movies. She does tons of workouts which helps her to be in excellent body form. Her diet also contains healthy meal that keeps her fit.