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Luka Dončić Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2023

Luka Dončić

Luka Dončić is one of the most youthful trending TV personalities who are very famous nowadays. Furthermore, he was born on the 28th of February, 1999 in Ljublijana, Slovenia to Sasa Doncic and Mirjam power bin, he overwhelms the EuroLeague MVP and Euroleague Final Four MVP Awards at age 19. He was also named the ACB Most Valuable Player and gained back-to-back Euroleague Rising Star and ACB Best Young Player awards.

Moreover, Luka’s move from Slovenia to connect the Real Madrid basketball program in Spain when he was thirteen was a very hard decision to make between both Doncic and his mother. Nevertheless, that singular move enhanced the best thing to have happened in his career life.

Luka Dončić Body Stats

Height6 ft 9 inches
Weight103 kg
Shoe Size16
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorLight Brown
Chest44 inch
Waist34 inch

Luka Dončić Workout Routine

About Luka Dončić’s workout system, as his game is basketball, Luka concentrates fairly on that. He does not really go waste lots of hours on building, he wants to concentrate on basketball. He starts off with groups of stretching and running and drills to heat his body up.

Luka Dončić workout includes:


He starts with amazing dribbling, practicing the basic foundation of the game of basketball. It’s really significant for any player whether you are a point guard, power guard, forward, or guardian to be perfect at dribbling. This is why each player does that no matter what position is your practice. More about Luka Dončić workout is given below:

Ball handling

Next up, he follows ball-handling and running past defenders while handling the ball focusing on the ball so it won’t get drained.

Form shooting

He goes to exercise shooting a lot, which is a significant part of his play as he is a point guard. He does not especially go inside and play so he has less possibility of doing a layup or drunk. The most generous point for him comes from shooting. This is why he practices a lot of form shooting in unusual situations, more about the exercise of Luka Dončić is given below.

Floater Shot

This is also an excellent shooting form for him to get awesome scores in his pocket. He practiced this to get the experience to shoot flawless floater shots.


Just like any other NBA player, Luka also has ability training in his workout routine which is relevant too.

Vertical Jumps

This is a really great tool for improving your jump and explosion power while jumping. Luka Dončić begins training for vertical jumps.

Weight training

Luka Dončić does go to the gym and he still operates out but he does not spend way too much time there like 3 hours or so. All the performance he does in the gym is the ones that regularly builds his all over the physics and make him get explosive power. He focuses on heavyweight and fewer reps, for every rep he tries to make it as sensitive as he can.

This is all about the workout routine of Luka Dončić.

Luka Dončić Diet Plan

Luka Dončić’s diet plan is easy, he consumes food with lots of protein and fewer carbs, food that has good fats like Omega-3, etc. He attempts to take 4 to 6 meals a day gallons of water. Every athlete especially does drinking lots of water helps you. This is all about the meal plan of Luka Dončić.


Luka Dončić is really been performing well and looking good too. He’s working his butt off in practice and workout, all of that hard work is furnishing him great success. Also, giving him a super excellent body that looks great. He has a super ripped body like others but his body is in super excellent shape.