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Lalisa Manoban (Lisa) Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Height & Weight

Lalisa Manoban

Lalisa Manoban, professionally known by the staging name Lisa, is a cute Thai rapper, dancer, model, and singer from South Korea. She rose to fame after being part of the girl group ‘Balckpink’. The girl approved a contract with YG Entertainment to work as a member of the girl music group. She was chosen by YG entertainment during an audition when she was just fourteen years of age. After being chosen, she shifts from Thailand to South Korea to continue her career in the music industry.

Lisa was born on March 27, 1997, in the northeastern region of Thailand. She is the only child of her parents. Her mother is a Thai lady while the stepfather of the pretty girl refers to a swiss background. His step-father is a Thai food expert and restaurant expert in Bangkok. Family members of the beautiful girl also call her Liz and Pokpak.

Lisa has won more than several awards for her exceptional efforts to make the Blackpink a spectacular music collection not just in South Korea, but throughout around the world. She said she a great fan of western culture and food. Lisa has a great bonding with the Thai culture and often shows her feelings while missing her parents and Thai traditions.

Blackpink Lisa Body Stats

Height1.62 meters
Weight52 kg
Age23 years
Breast33 inch
Waist23 inch
Hips33 inch
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignAries

 Blackpink Lisa Workout Routine

The workout routine of Lisa or any other Blackpink member is not that much to see at. While Jennie began doing flying yoga. Lisa and Rose still just Concentrate on dance practice mostly. So for Lalisa Manoban(Lisa), The workout routine is just her normal everyday practice and her boxing practice.

Lisa, like the other Black pink members, does not follow any special fitness routine. The majority of her calories are burned in the dance lessons which the band members get.

Her exercises include:


They have a lot of dance rehearsals in the studio every day also they are performing a lot in many shows and functions. We all know how much k-pop icons move and dance while singing and performing their one sing.


Now for the boxing routine in the real video of the Blackpink series the Black pink house we saw Lisa going to the boxing gym and training how to box with her trainer. So yeah we can say that she prefers to box as well and her training goes from anywhere from an hour to 2.

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The article from Koreaboo tells us about Lisa’s exercise that contains pilates. It also shows the short video of a show where Lisa started that she does pilates. It encourages her to maintain flexibility, muscle tone, body, and core strength. So you should also concentrate on that part. Try changing all of those workouts into your weekly routine. Try to do boxing and pilates for at least 2 days every week, and if you want, you can also mix both of them. There are classes of piloxing, which is a merging of pilates and boxing.

However, if you are not a dancing kind of character; you ever replace that with 30 minutes of cardio. If you still can not get the method, then just follow this routine of mine:


  • Cardio for 30 minutes
  • Pilates for an hour


  • Yoga 30 minutes
  • Boxing for an hour


  • Cardio for 30 minutes
  • Full body stretching for 20 minutes


  • Cardio for 30 minutes
  • Pilates for an hour


  • Yoga for 30 minutes
  • Boxing for an hour


  • Yoga for an hour


  • Rest day

That’s all for the Blackpink Lisa’s workout routine.

Blackpink Lisa Diet plan

The diet plan of Blackpink Lisa and any Blackpink Idol managed to be nothing just controlling their food and having what they want. Now has improved a little. They still eat what they need and when they want they want just now order and make food light. still, they are enjoying Pizza, Pasta, Soup, and ramen most maximum of the time.

They just added a few healthy items like Avocado, other fruits just to become a little more healthy. They also take a lot of water throughout the day to keep themself hydrated.

This is all about Blackpink Lisa Diet Plan.

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