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Lala Kent Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lala Kent Workout

Lala Kent is the star of the popular TV show Vanderpump Rules, so everyone knows who she is. She is not only a great actress, but she also works out a lot and keeps her body curvy and sexy all year long.

So let’s find out more about Lala Kent workout and eating habits, which are the key to her beautiful body. We can promise that this post will teach you a lot.

Lala Kent Workout Principles

Lala says that no matter what your fitness goals are, you should always train with an experienced trainer. She works out with Jenna Willis, who is a well-known celebrity trainer. The way Lala Kent looks is like a Goddess.

She is tall and thin, and her body is beautiful in every way. Lala Kent’s workout plan includes both strength training and cardio to keep her body looking hot and sexy. Lala also takes care of her mental health and builds it into her training schedule. In the next section, we’ll find out about her whole workout routine.

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Lala Kent Workout Routine

Lala works out a lot and takes it very seriously. And her beautiful, well-shaped body shows that this is true. So what kinds of training does she use to achieve this goal? Let’s find out.

Resistance training

One of the most important parts of Lala Kent’s workout is strength training. At the end of the day, that’s what makes her body look slim and toned. In her weight training routine, she uses free weights and resistance bands. Its main goal is to strengthen her muscles, which gives her body an attractive look.

 Lala Kent Workout

Before she lifts weights, she does a 10-minute warm-up on an elliptical machine to get her body ready. Most weeks, Lala trains four times a week. Every day of the week, she focuses on a different muscle group and trains it hard.

Since the goal of her weight training is to keep her body slim and toned, she likes to train with light to moderate weights and do a lot of reps. Lala also puts a lot of effort into working out her legs. Lala’s training has always included exercises like squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and glute bridges.

Not only does doing those exercises help her get stronger, but they also give her lower body a curvy, attractive look, which adds to her stylish look. Even though Lala’s worst nightmare is doing deadlifts, she makes sure to do them as part of her lower body workout. So, if you want to look like Lala and have toned legs and a bubble butt, don’t forget to include deadlifts in your workout routine.

Lala likes to train with a friend most of the time. She says that “I’m the kind of person who needs to work out with a trainer or with a friend who knows what they’re doing.” Doing this keeps her energy up and makes her feel like working hard in her training.


Most of the time, Lala likes to do high-intensity interval training to improve her cardiovascular fitness (HIIT). It helps her keep her slim, toned body by burning off the extra fat on her body, and it does this in a fairly short amount of time.

HIIT also helps Lala improve her cardiorespiratory endurance, which helps her improve her overall athletic performance.

Good mental health

Lala Kent doesn’t just go to the gym to lift weights and do cardio as part of her workout routine. She cares for her mental health just as much as she does for her physical health. Lala makes sure to do some breathing work at the end of her workouts to keep her mental health in check. She says, to show how important it is to take care of mental health, “Food and exercise are great, but stress will kill us before a f—ing Twinkie.”

And for someone like Lala, who has a busy schedule, it is very important to keep their mental health in check. Using something as simple and basic as breath work can do wonders for this purpose.

 Lala Kent Diet

Lala Kent’s diet

Lala Kent’s diet plan is a big part of how she stays fit and healthy. She makes sure to eat a well-balanced diet that gives her body all the important nutrients it needs. Lala Kent’s daily meal plan includes three main meals. She makes sure that each of her meals has a lot of healthy whole foods. So, let’s take a look at what she eats every day:


  • Spinach and eggs
  • Cream cheese on a plain bagel


  • Salad (made with cucumber chicken, cheese, and tomato, with some creamy dressing)
  • Pasta


  • Veggies
  • Steak
  • Brown rice

Lala never thought that she should be limited in what she could eat. She doesn’t care what she eats as long as she eats enough of everything. With this method, she can keep her body looking good all year long without starving herself. Even so, she says,

“The key is moderation. I don’t like “diets”. Have a good time. Eat amazing tasting food…. Everybody is beautiful, and all that matters is that you feel good about yourself and happy. Lala makes sure to drink a lot of water every day so that her body stays hydrated. This also helps her skin look healthy and beautiful.

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Lala Kent’s Supplements

Lala likes to get most of her daily nutrition from whole foods. But sometimes she adds a few supplements to her diet to make it more healthy.

The following are part of Lala Kent’s stack of supplements:

  • Whey protein
  • Multivitamin

The first one helps her build muscle by repairing damaged muscle tissue, and the second one helps her make up for the nutrients she is missing. Both of the supplements she takes above help her get the most out of her workouts.


Lala’s fitness plan is great because it takes care of both her physical and mental health. And that’s how a good exercise plan should look. So, if you want to get into great shape like Lala Kent, you should use the information in this post to plan your workouts and meals. Also, be sure to take care of your mental health. That would help you get the most out of your fitness plan.

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