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KSI Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2021


One of the British Youtube Personalities, internet celebrity, comedian, actor, rapper, and white-collar boxer is Olajide William Olantunji Jr. who is known as KSI. KSI is shortened of his online alias KSIOlajideBT. He was born on the 19th of June 1993 in London, England, United Kingdom. His father’s name is Olajide Ademola Olatunji, Sr. who is identified as Jide Olatunji and has been the cameraman for his son’s videos and mother name is Olayinka Atinuke Olatunji who is identified as Yinka Olatunji.

He finished his first white-collar amateur boxing match on 3rd Feb 2018 at Copper Box Arena in London. He was granted the youtube Boxing Championship Belt. In 2016 he won the vlogger of the Year award in the NME Award.

KSI Body Stats

Weight73 kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Shoe Size10 US
Chest43 inch
Waist32 inch
Biceps15 inch

KSI Workout Routine

KSI workout routine consists of doing a bunch of different things, and it’s not easy at all. Even though he has no fight coming early, he is continuously training his boxing routine. KSI is also doing a lot of cardio and core workout with some power training as well.

So basically, every day, KSI is working out about two times a day, and on the whole, he workout two hours to three hours nearly every day. There are a lot of videos that KSI has participated in his social media accounts that give a lot about what he usually does in his workout routine.

KSI exercise routine includes:


Once KSI posted in his story that his training begins with a few rounds of 800m runs. that is not what he seems every day; it’s just a day of his weekly routine. KSI cardio workout mostly includes doing long term and short-run many times; he keeps switching them up to maintain his stamina and achieve that quickness.

The cardio routine also consists of doing a least of 10 to 20 minutes of jump rope routine where he will work on his footwork. This exercise is a necessary boxing exercise that you may have seen a lot of times, but it is also super useful for your legs.

KSI workout
KSI workout

KSI Core Workout

The core workout is also crucial, especially when he was training for the match he used to teach his core every day. With exercises such as scissor kicks, crunches till failure, incline crunches, and crunches with ball throw. Also, the conditioning crunches with the medicine ball. That is important as you take a lot of punches in your abdominal region while fighting in a boxing match.

KSI Weight Training

Weight Training is one of the routines that he has been performing for many years now. In this routine, KSI used to arise a standard bodybuilding routine, but after starting with boxing, KSI is more focused on composing explosive moves, like dumbbell thrusters, deep squat, etc. This exercise gives you strength, provides you with that sensitive power, and also shapes your body.


The boxing routine that KSI follows is not out: Most of the people have opinions about exercises that he follows, but not the whole workout routine. KSI’s boxing routine consists of performing sparring with his trainer for a while. KSI learned boxing in such a short period by just continuous training only, he managed to train more than an average athlete.

At that time, he used to do many rounds of sparring, speed bag sparring, punching bag sparring, and also other drills. The routine performed by his coach kept getting changed according to KSI performance. KSI does his fighting routine at least four to six times a week.

This is all about the workout routine of KSI.

KSI Diet plan

His diet plan includes:

Breakfast meal

  • Whole-grain pancakes
  • Juice or coffee


  • fruits
  • Protein smoothies

KSI Lunch Meal

  • Chicken
  • Veggies
  • Salad


  • Salad
  • Fruits

KSI Dinner Meal

  • Steak
  • Veggies

This is all about the diet plan of KSI.

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KSI is a YouTuber, rapper, actor, and even a boxer. As his body physique changed a lot after he started training for the official game. He also does a lot of workouts about two times a day which gives him strength and also shapes his body. He accounts building up his strength as the hardest thing he had ever done, but the hard work proved he took it seriously.

The diet of KSI is well balanced with vegetable and fruits which maintains his health status as well as help to keep himself fit. He is one of the inspirational people to all as he maintains his body build. His hard work and commitment made him fit. If we could take just one thing from KSI, It would be to work hard and never give up.