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Know Everything About Karma Yoga .

Karma Yoga

There are many kinds of Yoga which has significance and deep-rooted meaning. Some yoga helps to keep peace and harmony of the mind and body while some help to increase the elasticity of the body.

Karma yoga is quite distinct from other forms of yoga as it helps in improving your Kriya Shakti. It does not consist of difficult poses or mental focus; it solely focuses on the principle “Doing your efficiency with putting your best effort in the absence of ego, attachment, and expectation of reward”.

Literal Meaning

Karma yoga started from Bhagwat Gita and is one of the paths of spiritual liberation in Hinduism. According to Bhagwat Gita Shri Krishna also stated; “Do your duty without the expectation of the fruit”.

Now, let’s derive the meaning of this yoga by crushing down the word- “KARMA” “YOGA”- Karma suggests action or work that you do, and yoga means the suppression or modification of mind and taking full action of yourself and your actions.

Therefore, Karma yoga from its word involves doing your tasks as a part of logical practice without considering self or ego.

4 Aspect Of Karma Yoga

This yoga system stands strong on 4 pillars that are means of doing this yoga to its whole extent. These are:


It is obvious to do the task that we like and those we prefer but what about the duties that we are not enamored of doing, do we even want to show our participation in such a task? Well, the result is undoubtedly going to be a big “No’ in 90% of cases.

However, Karma yoga says differently; it requires your full presence and your whole effort while doing a task without any biases. Giving 100% in any job you do with your total concentration and your full interest is the basis for Karma Yoga.


Every human has his or her hate and likes, self-importance, and self prestige; additionally, we all have the sense of me and them. That is the rationale why we think twice before doing any action because we are too concerned if our work will wreck our images or our prestige. This very spirit and thought of mind prevent us from doing many steps that we know within ourselves that we are competent of doing.

People do think that ego is more suitable for self-progress, which might be right to some extent, but while visualizing the broad picture, the ego creates nothing but a solid wall between what we are and what we think we are.

Therefore, in Karma yoga, you have to give up your personality! You have to give up that mind of “Yourself and your prestige” and do your task with full enthusiasm and without thinking of yourself and the sense of who you are in general.


It is a universal nature of human behavior to like someone and to hate another: further, this favoritism is not accepted in Karma Yoga. Seeing the situation and person as it is one of the primary karma yoga.

Similarly, performing your task without any accessory helps you to be neutral and focus on your activity rather than the people around you.

The Expectation Of Reward

This nature of human beings is one of the most frequent things that we are sure to find in every part of the globe. We have this trend to seek a reward in everything we do.

Moreover, from a very young age, our parents spoil us with gifts when we do our work correctly, and this sets an ideology in our mind that doing a good job always come with a reward, but at the top of the day if we got any compensation or praise for our work, we are more likely to be troubled and disappointed with ourselves.

Benefits Of Karma Yoga

One of the most important benefits of Karma Yoga is, it assists in Chitta Suddhi (Purification of mind). This yogic practice helps you to blossom into a person with zero egos and full compliance to help others and to focus on your task without any ego and attachments.

You are sure to get a unique joy in helping others. You will get the urge to help others willingly and without any biases.

The external environment and situations will have fewer effects on you. Meaning, you will pay less heed to other’s ideas and thought rather have a full focus in doing your tasks.


Karma Yoga has been trained since very ancient times in different religions with different names. Additionally, despite the Geeta quotes “You will free yourself both the good and the evil consequences of your actions if you do your actions for the divine and with no purpose of getting any form of results.

Therefore, this is an indispensable form of yoga for any yogi who is seeking to find enlightenment and is a simple yoga that any person can begin while doing his or her work in the regular aspect of life.