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Kate Beckinsale Crushes a Tough Yoga Workout While Holding Her Cat

Kate Beckinsale

If you follow Kate Beckinsale on Instagram, you already know she likes challenging exercises and enjoys sharing her routine with followers. Her core strength has already astounded us, as have her fighting videos. The actress recently released a video of her special yoga session, which featured a surprise guest appearance by her cat, Clive. In the first of the two films, Beckinsale sits outdoors in a covered lounge area, her laptop open to what seems to be a virtual yoga lesson.

The actress starts the video by folding forward, holding her forearms, and swaying her upper body from side to side. She then carefully rolls up, pulls her left big toe, straightens her leg, and stands tall. She then extends her left leg to the side and stretches her right arm out for balance, demonstrating her strength.

She brings her left leg down to her inner thigh for a tree posture and her hands to her heart center after maintaining the pose for a few breaths. Finally, Beckinsale lifts her upper body forward and strikes a warrior III position with her left leg.

Though the yoga sequence is remarkable, it is the second video in the post that has people buzzing. The Romance actress rests with her back flat on the mattress and her legs and arms in the air, holding up a special guest—one of Beckinsale’s two cats, Clive, which balances up over her body.

Beckinsale puts Clive onto her breast before lowering her head to kiss the cat. Sarah Silverman, a comedian, joked about how relaxing her videos are, writing, “KB, you provide the finest stoner entertainment.” “I watch them multiple times.”