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Karol Sevilla Workout Routine & Diet plan 2023

Karol Sevilla

Karol Sevilla was born on the 9th of  November, 1999, in Mexico. She has an older brother Mauricio and a half-brother named Angelo. She attended CEA infantile from 2006-2008. Sevilla started his art career in television commercials at the age of six. Since then, she has appeared in television series like  Amorcito Corazon, Como dice el dicho and La rosa de Guadalpe. She has also performed in musicals such as The Wizard of Oz, and Timbiriche.

Kerol Sevilla is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress, and Youtuber who is appreciated for playing the role in Disney Channel original series.

Karol Sevilla Body stats

Height5 feet
Weight45 kg
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye colorDull Green
Sexual OrientationStraight
Breast Size32 inches
Waist Size23 inches
Hips Size32 inches

Karol Sevilla Workout Routine

Karol Sevilla has over 12 million fans on Instagram that love her and get inspired by her. Many of them need to look similar to her even if it is just by their physique, so how exactly Karol Sevilla keeps her body figure? From the source that Karol loves to run, staying active is one of her secrets to staying fit. To check the theory, she loves to go out, and maybe that can be the reason she stays fit and healthy. Even the pop star Arian serves the same routine when it comes to fitness.

Karol also has many movies, so she has to do a lot of dance rehearsals and performs for the shows. These activities also help her get a great workout once in a while; so many things help her. Karol performs weight training and bodyweight exercises or not, but she does some of those exercises, as on her Instagram you can view a few pics where Karol has abs showing.

Karol Sevilla workout includes:


You can do anything in the cardio workout, as Karol loves to do dancing and running; you guys can do dancing or just pick any cardio exercises or class to join. the aim here is to make the fat and calories burn as much as we can, the cardio routine will help you get lean, and it will also serve you to lose the fat from every part of your body. Make sure to do the workout at most concisely four days a week for about 40 minutes.


When you do not do cardio or do not seem like doing cardio, switch it up with a yoga workout. The workout will serve you to get a slim waistline, perfectly toned arms, lean and toned legs, and a straight back. That is why continually say that yoga is the ultimate workout; you can even burn several calories by doing yoga, which makes it a perfect partner for your cardio routine.

Bodyweight Exercises

The bodyweight exercises that we will do here will direct your lower body and core more than your arms. The routine will be a HIIT routine so that the rest period will be minimum, which will get it to work as a cardio workout.

Sets: 3

reps: 25 seconds

Rest time: 10 seconds

Rest time after the set: 50 seconds

  • Mountain climber
  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Russian twist
  • Plank hold
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Donkey kickbacks to a fire hydrant

This is all about the diet plan of Karol Sevilla.

Kerol Sevilla Diet plan

The diet plan of Karol Sevilla is also not out in the open; they were some articles linked to her, but no diet included. However, going into the account and searching, Karol likes to eat foods like Lean protein food, with lots of veggies and fruits. She tries to withdraw as many fatty foods and high carbs foods as she can. Her diet plan includes:

  • Breakfast: Coffee, Toast, Eggs
  • Snack: Fruits
  • Lunch: Chicken and sometimes fries, Veggies
  • Evening Snack: Salad or green juice
  • Dinner: Steak or chicken, Veggies

That is all about the diet plan of Karol Sevilla.


Karol Sevilla is an actress, singer, model, and a Youtuber who has an incredibly slim and well-toned body that just wants you to have it. There are lots of fans of Karol Sevilla who follow the workout routine and diet plan. Karol does like to go out, and maybe that can be one reason she stays fit and healthy. Karol Sevilla has a perfect body shape and she also focuses on the workout routine seriously which is the reason behind her fit body.

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