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Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine And Diet Plan

kaley Cuoco

Kaley Christine Cuoco was born on  November 30, 1985, in Camarillo California, the U.S.She is an American actress and producer.  she landed her breakthrough role on the ABC sitcom 8  simple rules. later she appear like a penny on the CBS sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory ‘and got satellite Criticises, choice, people’s choice awards for the role. Cuoco made her first feature film the young Karin Carter in the 1995 action thriller Virtuosity.

Kaley Cuoco Body Stats

height5 feet 6 inch
weight57 kg
breast35 inch
waist24 inch
hip36 inch
eye colorgreen

Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine

Kaley Cuoco likes hot yoga and SoulCyclying. She works out with her trainer, George C. King five times a week, sometimes even more. she is popular for her great body and she worked really hard for the body she had today. Currently, she is 58 kg and 168cm (5.5) tall. Kaley Cuoco’s takes Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), vitamins C and E, caffeine, and omega-3s.

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she stretches for Warm-up.

Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine

Ten close-grip push-ups,30-second plank,20 seconds of mountain climbers,15 squat jumps are under circuit number one. Cuoco does three rounds of the circuit and takes two-minute breaks between each round.

20 v-ups,15 planks to push-ups, Ten jumping lunges, and Five burpees are under circuit number two. Cuoco does five rounds of the circuit with two-minute breaks between each round.

60 seconds of plank,50 air squats,40 mountain climbers,30 bodyweight rows,20 knee-ups, Ten burpees are under circuit number three. Cuoco does just a round of this circuit.

She sometimes mixes her workout with SoulCycle classes, also she had joined horseback riding, which is another excellent workout. she tried lots of stuff, including running and Pilates, but she didn’t like them because she was very obsessed with Yoga. she is very happy with her body and now she does not work too much for fitness because she always played Tennis which helps to maintain her body.

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Cuoco’s Diet Plan

with the increasement in her age, she has changed her food intake.  she used to have bedtime snack habits, later on, she realized it was mindless eating and it adds hundreds of calories so she cut it.

Her  daily menu

she takes an apple and peanut butter on toast or oats with fruits and skimmed milk on her breakfast, a vegetarian Subway sandwich with onions and jalapenos on lunch, fish and veggies on dinner

she takes a lot of Vegetables,Fruit, Peanut butter, Cheese, Bread, Tofu, Apples, Fish and avoids Red meat, Poultry, ‘White’ processed foods, Refined sugar, Junk food, Trans fats, artificial additives, Chemicals. Cuoco tries to eat only whole, natural, healthy foods. she watches her portions.


An American actress and producer Kaley Cuoco is a positive and optimistic person. It’s hard to maintain a body but with the growth of her age, she kept herself fit by controlling her food intake that contains calories, changing her bed snacks habit, and following workout plans.

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