Justin Bieber Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer as well as a songwriter. He is frequently addressed as JB, J-Beebs, Douche-Pouche, and Kidraul. He is considered one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. He has sold an expected 150 million records, which makes him one of the world’s best-selling music artists.

Justin Bieber was born Justin Drew Bieber on Tuesday, 1st of March 1994, in London city of Canada. Justin was raised in Stratford, Ontario, whereas his zodiac sign is Pisces. Justin Bieber obtained Best Dance Recording Award for the song”Where Are U Now” In 2016. As of 2016, he has won 14 titles in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Justin Bieber Physical Stats

Height5 ft 9 inches
Weight70 kg
Chest size40 inches
Waist size32 inches
Biceps size14 inches
Eye ColorBlond
Hair ColorLight Brown

Justin Bieber Workout Routine

Justin Bieber always had an athletic body. He is also required to check his diet to get such abs. Drugs, alcohols, and smoking are not suitable for their health, and he appreciates it. He is sure he won’t be addicted to those things and will not destroy his life.

Justin Bieber Six Pack Workout

Justin Bieber workout

To get a 6 pack, you must do cardio to shed some more fat, if there is any. Cardio or cardiovascular workouts include cycling, running, jogging, rowing, etc. Because, to make these obvious, the first step is to eliminate that extra bit off your body. Do eat a regular diet to maintain your metabolism rate. Eating small feeds like protein shake is suggested for this. Resistance training and weight training are essential to developing muscles.

The more and more muscles you include, the more you will be on your way to getting those 6 packs of abs. You can try some of these exercises to fasten up this method of 6 pack abs.

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You can try several variants of burpees to get ripped. First, stand straight and touch your hands on the area by coming into a squat position. Then, make your foot increase backward. Now return to the squat position and, ultimately, to the straight standing position.

Walking Lunges

Try these at the end of the workout session to take advantage of it.

Justin Bieber workout


Do this to include much more muscle groups.

Dumbbell Swings

Suitable for legs and back.


It works for the rectus abdominis muscle. You should be cautious while doing this exercise as it may cause head injury when you fit the head up with your hands crossed after the neck or head.


It is much like the similar to crunches.

Leg Lifts

These are noted for abdominals. You can do this by sleeping on the floor on your back. Then, lift your legs, so your thigh is perpendicular to the body and your shins are parallel. Please see that you need to keep your toes pointed during the exercises. Now, gradually raise your leg and make them straight so that your whole legs are perpendicular to the body and pointing towards the ceiling. Now, lower the straight legs and keep them when they are only 1 inch off the floor. Now constantly raise the legs back to the top.

Justin Bieber eating

Justin Bieber Diet Plan

Justin is rigidly following his diet plan. He knows that diet contributes more than exercise to achieving a great body posture and shape. Some points he holds in mind are:

  • Drinks a lot of water
  • Eat whole-grain food sooner than refined products
  • Have a small regular during the day
  • Consume fresh fruits more than their juice.

Though he had newly turned vegan, he did not eat dairy products or nonveg. He was out with his friends, and he was asked by his friends to eat a piece of steak. But, being a vegan, he bought tofu steak and tempeh tacos. He was such a brat as he removed everyone’s attraction when he made gagging noises and spat the food.

Justin Bieber

FAQ Regarding Justin Bieber

How much does Justin Bieber bench press?

  • Justin Bieber can bench press around 120 pounds.

What does Justin Bieber eat in a day?

  • Justin likes his carbs; his favorite food is spaghetti, pizza, and Cap’n Crunch.

How much does Justin Bieber workout?

  • Justin workouts five days a week for 45 minutes each with his outstanding trainer, Patrick Nilsson.

How much is Justin Networth?

  • As of 2022, Justin Bieber has a net worth of around $285 million.

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