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Julianne Hough Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is an actress, singer, and dancer born in the United States on July 20, 1988. In 2007, she appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” as a professional dancer. In 2014, she returned to the show as a judge after leaving in 2009.

She received three nominations for her work on “Dancing with the Stars,” including one for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography. She made her acting debut in the 2010 film Burlesque. She portrayed Sandy in the live television production of “Greasy” in 2016. She was one of the Million Dollar Dancers on the “Show Me the Money” game show. Hough and Apolo Ohno won season 4 of the American version of ‘Dancing with the Stars, making Hough the youngest professional dancer to win the competition.

Julianne Hough Current Stats

  • Weight: 119 pounds
  • Height: 5 ft 3 inches
  • Age: 32 years
  • Birthday: July 20, 1988
  • Awards: 2009 Academy of Country Music Award, Winner

Workout Principles

Julianne Hough enjoys physical activity and maintains a healthy diet. She begins her day with Tony Robbins’ morning breathing exercises, known as priming. She usually goes to bed around 10 p.m. and gets up around 7 a.m. Hough is concerned about her mental health.

Julianne Hough Workout Routine

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough’s workout routine is strict, and she sticks to it for reasons other than physical health. “I’m not doing it necessarily to make my body look good – I’m doing it because I love it, and it’s fun,” Hough explained. Working out makes me feel a lot better. I can be happy once I’ve taken care of myself.”

She likes to vary her workout routine, whether pushing her arms to the limit, indoor cycling, or a trampoline fitness session. A well-balanced workout routine is essential for seeing the best results. Her ideal workout week includes a combination of strength, cardio, and flexibility training.

Julianne Hough’s workout routine is as follows:

Monday: Trampoline Cardio

Julianne Hough goes trampoline cardio on Monday.

Tuesday: Hot Yoga

She does hot yoga on Tuesdays. Yoga can be done anywhere, and Hough enjoys CorePower yoga.

Wednesday: Tracy Anderson workout

Julianne Hough works out with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson on Wednesday. Anderson is known for her sweaty and intense workouts.

Thursday: SoulCycle

On Thursdays, she does a SoulCycle routine.

Friday and Sunday: Rest

On Fridays and Sundays, she rests and refuels her body with nutritious foods and vitamins.

Saturday: Beach Workout Inspired by CrossFit

On Saturday, Hough goes to a Crossfit beach workout.

Julianne Hough Diet

Julianne Hough spends a lot of time being active, which means she needs to eat the right foods and get the proper nutrients to stay in shape. “I try to cut myself some slack if I’m consistent with my nutrition and activity,” she said. If I’m craving chocolate, I go for something dark.” She prioritizes two aspects of her diet: protein meals and hydration, and she drinks 4-6 glasses of water daily.

Julianne Hough’s diet is as follows:


  • Toast with avocado
  • Yogurt


  • Lean meat
  • Salad of vegetables or shrimp


  • Salmon
  • Greens Salad


  • Eggs


Julianne Hough is an actress, dancer, and singer best known for her appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Hough was born on July 20, 1988, in Utah, where she was the youngest of five children. Her formal training began at Center Stage Performing Arts Studio. She began dancing when she was nine years old. Hough and her brother studied dance in London the following year.

Hough is now one of the most popular actresses, with millions of fans worldwide. If Julianne Hough has taught us anything, it is to love ourselves first. “I believe that every girl, regardless of appearance, should love herself. You have to love yourself even if you’re having a bad day, don’t like your hair, don’t have the best family situation, whatever.” Julianne Hough.