Jeon Mi-do Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Jeon Mi-do is a South Korean actress and musician who is identified for Hospital Playlist, Mother, and Byeonshin. She was born on August 4, 1982, Jeon hails from Busan, Yeongnam, South Korea. As of 2021, Jeon Mi-do’s age is 39 years. She is graded from Myongji College with an Associate degree in Theater and Performance.

Jeon Mi-do is a critically celebrated actress in every field; musical, theater, and drama. In 2020, she debuted as a bassist of the musical group Mido and Falasol that first arrived in the drama “Hospital Playlist’. She was chosen as Bes New Actress in Baeksang Arts Award 2020.

Jeon Mi-do Body Stats

Height5 ft 7 inch
Weight57 kg
Breast35 inches
Waist25 inches
Hips35 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Body BuildSlim

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Jeon Mi-do Workout Routine

She is a little on the thin side when it comes to her body and she handles it pretty well too.

Jeon Mi-do workout includes:


Dancing is possibly a must for all Kpop idols. Dancing is not just something you do know the figure you want; but also an exercise that you will enjoy. Plus it’s a skill set if we think about the parties that require us to dance. Jeon Mi-do’s body measures and resist the ticks of time then you must enter Dance as a part of your routine, you can begin with 2 days a week for 1 hour every day and finally take it further.

Aerobic Exercise

A recent study about aging and forms to curb them suggests that the most efficient exercise to fight age is Aerobic Exercise. Aerobic Exercises involve exercises like Running, Swimming, and cycling.

The exercise improves the endurance level and makes our cells younger by influencing the Telomeres that are already at the tip of chromosomes and these Telomeres protect our DNA from deterioration during cell division.

Yoga’s take on Aging and Maintaining a Healthy Body Mass

Further information from Yogic Sciences recommends that the aging that appears on our faces and bodies is really a result of our breath counts per minute. the lower the breath count, the less the consequences of aging on your body. Add some breathing exercises and try to put your breath count low by quieting your mind down and doing some pranayama and by taking care of yourself better. So add aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, jogging, and interval training.

Face Yoga

Sometimes living in a very confused life and it shows on our faces. Jeon Mi-do is definitely a living one. So face yoga is a must for you to complete those beauty standards. It will calm your facial muscles, improve blood flow and have a positive impact on your brain health. It will also encourage better quality sleep.

This is all about the workout routine of Jeon Mi-do.

Jeon Mi-do Diet Plan

Diet is one of the most basic parts of reaching your dream body stats. Diet is not just about your body but also about your mind. And a strong mind will make sure that you stick to your exercise plans and thus will be of great advice to you in the long run.

The internet today is flooded with all sorts of knowledge about diets and fads and exercise and crazy seeming routines. But Jeon Mi-do Diet Plan and Routine is not one of them though. There is one of the soupy noodles that she seems to apply with a little cream over it. Further species not just help you in maintaining a good excess of nutrients in the body but also pick up the system well.


Jeon Mi-do is a South Korean actress also musician. Jeon Mi-do does lots of exercises that help her to be in a perfect body shape. Her diet also adds healthy food that really keeps her fit.

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