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Jen Selter Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Body Measurement 2023


Jennifer Leigh “Jen Selter” is a well-known American Internet celebrity and fitness model. She charmed significant media attention for her debut at a young age, firstly on the photo-sharing app Instagram. Her birthday is August 8, 1993, and she was born in Roslyn, New York, United States.

Know about Jen Selter’s Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Body Measurement.

Jen Selter’s Body Measurement

Talking about Jen Selter’s height and weight. She stands at 5 ft 6 inches and weighs around 54 kg. Her body measurement is 34-23-36 inches. Moreover, she has brown hair and blue eyes.

Height168 cm (5’6″) or 1.68 m (Approx.)
Weight54 kg or 119 lbs (Approx.)
Body Measurements34-23-36 inches
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBrown

Jen Selter Workout Routine

Jen Selter says that she never had a personal trainer in life, and she learned all methods by looking at the gym trainers.

Here is an entire Jen Selter exercise routine:-

Monday Jen Selter Workout Chart

Jen Selter Monday exercise concentrates on legs and butt.

ExerciseSets Reps
Wide dumbbell squats415
Squats thrust415
Walking lunges415
Bosu sits420
Medicine ball squats415
Polymetric squat415
Donkey kicks412
Leg abductions415

Tuesday Jen Selter Workout Chart

Her Tuesday exercise mainly focuses on the upper body, abs, and cardio.

ExerciseSets Reps
Abs crunches415
Bicycle crunches415
Reverse crunches415
High knees420
Forearm planks415
Lower leg lifts315
Mountain climbers315

Wednesday Jen Selter Workout Chart

Jen Selter severely focuses on booty on Wednesday.

Knee ups120
Wide dumbbell squats120
Walking lunges120
Bench step-ups120
Hips thruster120
Wide dumbbell squats120
Donkey kicks130
Jumping jacks150

Replicate this circuit three times with a gap of one minute.

Thursday Jen Selter Workout Chart

Jen Selter’s Thursday exercise focuses on the Butt exercise.

Knee ups1 one min continuously
Wide dumbbell squats140
Walking lunges130
Jump squats120
Side lunges130
Hip bridges130

Friday Jen Selter Workout Chart

She teaches only abs on Friday. Her workout routine is as follows.

Ab crunches130
Toe touches130
Bicycle crunches120
Reverse crunches120
Sides plank lift115
Abs crunches130
Side plank hips lift115
Russian twists140
Bicycle crunches140
Oblique v-ups130
Reverse crunches115
Oblique v-ups120
Lower leg lifts110

Although Jen Selter also executes small exercises on Saturday. However, this is all information about Jen Selter’s exercise routine.

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Jen Selter Diet Plan

Jen Selter does not naturally have a diet plan but lives a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

  • Breakfast: Jen believes breakfast is the day’s severely important meal. She will begin her morning with egg whites and toast or oatmeal with a glass of fresh juice.
  • Lunch: For lunch, Jen will generally have some big salad. Her choice of protein will be grilled chicken or salmon, mixed with many mixed vegetables.
  • Dinner: Based on her mood, Jen will either have grilled chicken or salmon for dinner. She will set that with brown rice and boiled vegetables. Every so often, Jen will consume and have sushi or pasta.

Healthy Snacks

The most major step to eating healthy is planning your meals. In between meals, Jen loves having a healthy snack. Healthy snacks keep her appetite in check, and they can stop her from consuming junk food on the go. If you always have something healthy to eat, you won’t drink crap and regret it later.

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Kale Chips
  • Protein Bars
  • Trail Mix
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Banana Muffins
  • Peanut Butter Protein Bites
  • Protein Shakes
  • Almonds

Cheat Meals

Jen Selter is an excellent fan of cheat meals. Indulging in some junk food sometimes is perfectly okay too. It may support you in a few different steps. So how can junk food be superior for you?

  • Cheat meals can keep you from binge eating: Being too rigid on your diet can drive you crazy. An occasional cheat meal will keep you on your way, and you’ll have something to seek forward to all week.
  • Cheat meals are suitable for your metabolism: Believe it or not, cheat meals may support your metabolism. When you consume healthy meals, your body adapts to eating the same number of calories. Eating a cheat meal will blow your body because it’s not used to all that fat. The good news is that your body will heat this meal off much fast.
  • Cheat meals can provide more energy: Greasy food tastes good, but it can make us tired right consuming it. Try eating a cheat meal around dinner period, then exercise the morning after. These extra calories will provide you with severe energy to lift heavier weight.

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