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Israel Adesanya Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

Israel Adesanya Workout

Israel Mobolaji Adesanya was born on the 22 of July 1989 in Lagos, Nigeria. He was taken to his mother, Taiwo Adesanya, a nurse, and to his father, Femi Adesanya, an accountant. He is 31 years old, whereas Cancer is his birth sign. His siblings are Deborah, Samuel, and David, and he is the most senior in his family. While he was a kid, Adesanya had the freedom to join in any sport of his choice, and he chose Taekwondo also has a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Tune in last to know all about Israel Adesanya Workout Routine & Diet Plan

In early 2001, he went to Ghana with his family for 10 months. Due to his parents desiring their children to receive a well-recognized higher education, he settled in Rotorua, New Zealand, at age 10. The famous fighter Israel Adesanya has received many awards. He won the shows of the night award on 6th July 2018 against Brad Tavares and the Fight of the Night award on Feb 10, 2019, at UFC 234. Furthermore, he has won the 2018 newcomer of the year, 2018 breakthrough fighter of the year, 2018 Rising Star of the Year, and many more. Israel is currently directed on his blooming career.

Israel Adesanya Height & Weight

He is satisfied with his Nigerian roots and has a tattoo of Africa on his body with Nigerian outlined.

Height1.93 m
Weight84 kg
Age30 years
Reach80 inch
OthersUnder review

Israel Adesanya Workout Routine

What is Israel Adesanya Workout Routine? Israel Adesanya does regular workouts; however, his movement depends on how he is feeling today; he has this omega wave activity tracker that you added to your mind and heart.

Later, trackers send many omega waves to your whole body, and then in a few minutes, it tells you how your body is feeling today and how much more challenging you can do daily activities. So trackers are the biggest goal for his excellent health. If he is feeling good, he will train as much as he can; if the exercise tracker tells him he is not in good shape for today, he will work out less and on light material only. It includes;

MMA Training

The most significant part of Israel Adesanya’s workout training is his MMA sparring, and that is what he does. You will not recognize Israel Adesanya lifting many weights in the gym. He entirely focuses on his fighting ability, which keeps him at the top of his game. So the MMA session is a mix of everything he does. You will see him performing the punching, adding kickboxing a lot, and doing other things.

There are rounds where he concentrates on attacking, and there are rounds where he trains a lot of combos and techniques for his real fight. There are also rounds of submission training where you learn different strategies about getting a submission hold and switching and emerging from a submission hold.

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Shadow Boxing

Talking more about Israel Adesanya Workout Routine. Israel Adesanya loves to do shadow boxing. He does it without realizing it; while pumping gas, waiting, or resting, his body starts to shadowbox himself. So yeah, this is what he likes and is a part of his regular workout routine.

Israel Adesanya Wrestling

He enjoys wrestling, the wrestling part always comes in the evening training of his day, and that’s when he gets serious. According to him, wrestling is the most significant thing; he just loves learning wrestling things like how to grapple and how to shift the position and hold other players. All the stuff about wrestling moves him. So he will be in the gym practicing drills, techniques, and all other movements for hours.

Israel Adesanya Diet plan

Israel Adesanya’s diet plan is just to get three meals a day; as he always trains in the gym, he only gets time after the training ends. So Israel Adesanya typically eats 3 big meals and works out every day, and that’s it. Another thing that he recommends is that you should drink a lot of water; he takes a gallon of water to make up for the water weight he spent while sweating and also to keep himself hydrated.

Israel Adesanya’s diet plan includes:


What does Israel Adesanya eat for breakfast? He does not eat much for breakfast, just some fruits, and coffee.


The lunch comes after the first training assembly ends; he usually eats what he wants. There is no need to think about calories for Israel Adesanya. The workout itself is so brutal that he can absorb anything he eats. So ordinarily, he pick-up food from restaurants.


What does Israel Adesanya eat for Dinner? Dinner is the last meal of his day when he is weak and done training. He wants to eat Chinese foods, so he will go and pick them up from any restaurant, and that is what he eats. This is what feeds in the diet for dinner.

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FAQ About Israel Adesanya Workout Routine & Diet Plan

What gym does Israel Adesanya train?

  • He does his training at CityKickboxing.

Who is Israel Adesanya Coach?

  • Eugene Bareman is the coach of Israel Adesanya.

At what age Israel Adesanya starts training in MMA?

  • He started his training in MMA when he was 21 years old

What does Israel Adesanya eat in a day?

  • His daily diet consists of  Red Meat, Chicken breast, green beans, sweet potatoes, fish, fruits, and nuts.